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Make over your man

You love your man, you really do. But sometimes you think it would be nice if he could just make a little more… effort. Dress a little nicer. Look a little better. No, you’re not superficial — you’re human. And you make an effort, right? So why can’t he?

The truth is, the men in our lives are often very happy to make small changes for us — they just have no idea how or what to do. And since we also expect them to be mind readers, they generally have no clue that we want them to do anything different. So you may have to actually talk to your guy — but don’t worry. We’ll tell you just what to say.

Start small.

An easy change that will have a big impact is replacing all his light washed jeans with dark wash, says Teresa Morisco, Founder and Chief Stylist of Wardrobe 911. If the pants he owns fit him, he doesn’t even have to come to the store. Just buy him a few new pairs of dark wash jeans and donate the old ones on your way back home. If, however, he’s squeezing a 36-inch belly into 32-inch jeans, drag him along to try on a couple of pairs. Tip: Pick one store, and don’t make him try on more than four pairs of jeans. You can be in and out in under an hour.

Work your way up.

“Men have a tendency to wear freebie t-shirts they get, and they tuck them into brown woven belts over their bellies — it’s not a good look,” says Sharon Haver, founder and Editor in Chief of the NEW Get your guy some nicer polo shirts, and teach him not to tuck his shirt in if he’s put on a little weight. “Find a style icon in the same age range and point out what you like about his look,” says Haver.

For dressier occasions, use color and accessories, says Kelly Machbitz, AICI CIP, Certified Image Consultant. “Who said dress shirts had to be white? You can find a whole slew of fun colors these days like pink, yellow, and teal. You can also spice up his look with bold accessories like colored suspenders or a tie in a bright, bold print,” she says.

A little off the top.

Once you’ve dressed your man up, it’s time to take him for a proper haircut. If your guy has been getting his locks cut at the $2.99 barber, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for around $20. Start by asking your stylist who he recommends for men. Then, sit down with your man and go over some photographs together. Pick a few you like, and take those pictures with you when you head out for a cut.

It may not sound like a lot, but, as Morisco says, “it’s amazing how little changes can make a big difference.”

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