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6 Pleasure-sensitive body parts you never knew existed

We all know the basic requirements for intercourse, but what about those not-so-obvious body parts that can spice up your foreplay? Here are six pleasure-sensitive body parts you never knew existed, according to Veronica Monet, ACS, couples consultant, certified sexologist with the American College of Sexologists, and certified sex educator of TAP Communications.

Couple Kissing back of Neck


We know what you’re thinking: “The what!?” According to Monet, the perineum is “that little patch of skin between the genitals and the rectum, which can provide immense pleasure.” She suggests stimulating it with your fingers, tongue or your favorite vibrator.

And while you’re headed that direction, cruise down to the anus and use either your tongue or fingers to gently stimulate this naughty area for oh-so-grand erotic enjoyment.




While some people are podophobic, that is having a fear of feet, Monet believes everyone can find a pleasurable foot-stimulating tactic. For people who can’t tolerate a foot rub, she says “you can still hold the feet firmly which creates a grounding sensation for your partner.” If you rather fancy feet, try sucking on your partner’s toes. Monet claims this technique can be just as arousing as fellatio!




Want to make your man forget about that football game on TV? Try seductively sucking his family jewels. Monet recommends sucking one testicle, then the other, completely engulfing them in your wet mouth. Not the sucking type? “You can warm some lube in your hands and then gently apply it to the testicles as if you were licking them with your mouth,” she assures. Or simply stroke the testicles, alternating between your fingertips and fingernails for “a delightful contrast in sensations.”




When you hear G-spot, you probably ponder that hard to find, and sometimes fickle, pleasure button that sends women through the roof during lovemaking. Per Monet, it’s time to expand your horizons – men can also experience a G-spot orgasm. Here’s Monet’s approach to a screamin’ climax:

Lay your partner on their back and insert your finger about 1 1/2 inches into the man’s rectum or the woman’s vagina with the palm of your hand facing up. When you feel a slight indentation inside your lover, gently crook your finger as if you were making the motion to single ‘come here.’


Be sure to find the depth and pressure your sweetheart prefers. Whatever your method, says Monet, “the objective is to stimulate the G-spot until the point of orgasm which usually results in both ejaculation and a very powerful internal orgasm.”




For unique relaxation and great foreplay, massage the large muscles where your partner’s rear assets (buttocks) and lower back meet. Monet asserts this has the potential to send concupiscent vibrations to your lover’s genitals. Be sure you’re armed with aromatherapy massage oil in your beloved’s favorite scent!




Sometimes the best sensual stimulant is a soothing caress that communicates your lover’s worth. Monet says “little tender kisses delivered on the eyelids can communicate a level of affection and adoration that nothing else can.” The back of the neck is another highly sensitive area that can be ignited by gentle caressing, stroking or tonguing, she adds. “The goal is to create gooseflesh and involuntary shudders.”


Michael Perry, Ph.D., sex expert of Access Instructional Media says, “Hypersensitivity comes from an abundance of nerve endings in [a] spot. During arousal, tickle zones can become erotic zones.” He recommends dramatic variation in sensation – slapping then caressing, pinching then kissing – to intensify the senses. Or, says Perry, sensual deprivation, such as blindfolding your partner, heightens touch, taste, sounds and scents.

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