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The best and worst ways to DIY wedding

At we hear from budget-conscious and crafty brides who wonder what aspects of their weddings they should try to do themselves. Ultimately, every couple has to decide for themselves where to splurge and where to spend, but here are some of the current popular ideas for areas of your wedding to DIY.

Homemade Cupcakes at Wedding

The iPod Reception

If your idea of a great wedding reception is a rockin’ party that keeps people dancing, then an iPod reception is probably not right for you. DJs and bandleaders really bring a lot to the table in
terms of getting people out on the dance floor and keeping things running smoothly. They can read a room and adjust the music accordingly. On the other hand, if you simply want to have a few
traditional dances (1st dance, father/daughter dance) and some background music for a more sedate meal, then why not put the music on an iPod and assign someone to take charge of it?

The Cake

Although making a professional-looking wedding cake requires the skills of a professional baker, there’s no reason you have to have a wedding cake! Today the wedding cake is often replaced by
cupcakes, a sweets table, or any other dessert that the bride and groom like. If you want to have a cake-cutting picture, ask a talented friend or family member to create a small, one layer white
cake for you to cut. Remember, the number one rule for DIY is that you personally shouldn’t have any obligations the day of the wedding. So don’t decide to do without a wedding cake only to find
yourself spending your wedding day baking pies!


DIY flowers can be very tricky. Flower arrangements are typically done the day of the wedding to make sure the flowers look their best. While there are a number of silk flower options available, we
recommend that if you want to do your own centerpieces, you think outside the flower. Consider centerpieces made with bowls of fruit, or even a blooming plant.


Invitations set the tone for the rest of the wedding. So, if you’re having a formal wedding you don’t want the first thing your guests see to be handmade. On the other hand, if your wedding isn’t
black-tie, there are a lot of options for making invitations either by hand, or using your computer.


In recent years, wedding favors such as matchbooks or candy bars with the bride and groom’s names on them have fallen out of favor! The new trend is toward small, highly personalized gifts that
show your appreciation. Consider making small boxes or bags of cookies, and wrapping them in a festive manner. Any small favor can be made more personal by adding a gift tag with the recipient’s
name. If you attach place cards instead of gift tags, the favors can do double duty!

It’s worth mentioning again that while DIY is a great way to add individuality and personality to your wedding (not to mention saving some cash), you don’t want to take on more than you (or your
bridal party) can handle. The day of the wedding should be reserved for you and your bridal party to relax and enjoy yourselves. Don’t take on any tasks that turn your wedding day into a working

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