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Why you should sleep naked: The Best Sex of Your Life

Pajamas are so confining, so… buttoned up. Sleep naked and you’ll not only enjoy the silky soft feeling of the sheets against your bare skin, but you might just give your sex life a much-needed upgrade. Check out this excerpt from our new book, SheKnows Presents: The Best Sex of Your Life, to see what our sex experts have to say about the benefits of sleeping naked.

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Sleeping naked has many rewards. Not the least of which is that it makes sex a lot more likely to happen. So what are some of the advantages of sleeping naked with your partner?

Releases Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone released with skin-to-skin contact. Touching skin-to-skin and head-to-toe all night long will provide you with a steady stream of this beneficial hormone. Some of the benefits of oxytocin include, an increased sense of well-being, decreased heart rate, reduction of stress hormones, increased sense of trust, and—drum roll please!—sexual arousal!

Puts You in the Mood

Getting into the mood for sex can be a challenge for many women.

We tend to stay in our heads and worry about being tired, or that the kids will hear, or whatever we are stressing about that day. Instead of putting you in the mood for sexual contact, this type of worry, in fact, tends to make you feel alone and isolated. Many women will simply answer “Not tonight, dear” if there man initiates sex just because they have too much going on in their heads. Slipping under the sheets in your birthday suit stimulates sexual feelings no matter who you are or what is going on in your head.


Guess what, ladies? Seeing you go to bed naked is very erotic for us. It sends an invitation. Shows us you’re interested. Yes, please!

Creates Desire

One of the main reasons that women don’t feel like sex is a sense of disconnect between the couple. When you feel disconnected from your partner, you may lose a sense of desire for him. Sleeping nude helps to break down those barriers.

Facilitates Bond

Sleeping skin-to-skin can also increase your sense of bonding. Think about it, when you first started dating you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, right? The more you touch, the closer you feel to your partner . . . and increased bonding equals more sex!

It’s healthy

Having more sex has many health benefits and increases the chances of your marriage lasting. Okay, I am not talking marathon sex here. I am also not talking having sex five times a day. In fact, even once or twice a day can do wonders. By spending half an hour a day in the most enjoyable and healthy exercise you can partake in, you will live longer, feel more satisfied with your life, and be healthier. Not to mention it will increase the odds of your marriage living as long as you do!

So, slip in between those sheets in the buff and enjoy all the benefits—over and over and over again!

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