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Does size matter? The Best Sex of Your Life

Penis size is to men what thigh size is to women. Sure, men aren’t prone to asking, ‘Do these jeans make my penis look bigger?’ but they certainly do obsess a lot. That’s why we love this excerpt from our brand new book Presents: The Best Sex of Your Life. So, is your man’s member normal and… does size really matter?

Size Does Matter

Try as we might to tell men that we care more about the motion of the ocean, guys will never listen. For them, it is the size of the boat that counts. Your man may always want more girth or more length, even if you think he’s more than adequate. But how large is a normal penis?

Well, that’s a question that many men ask, especially in conjunction with questions about penis growth, but it’s a difficult question to answer. What is normal isn’t necessarily classified; all men are different and everyone has different anatomy.

No two penises will ever be exactly the same! But generally speaking, the typical penis ranges between 2–3 inches long when it is flaccid and between 5–6 inches when it is hard. Many men, however, fall outside these categories and that doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with them!

Honestly, Does Penis Size Really Matter?

If a penis fits the vagina, it really doesn’t matter how big it measures because, well, it fits! Where sexual pleasure is concerned, the greatest pleasure is often derived from intercourse with someone whose genitals physically match your own. But, if the sex feels good to you, then your man’s penis is perfect. If you feel the sex could be better, you may need to find ways to work around your man’s shortcomings.

Creative Ways to Work a Size Mismatch

If you are mismatched anatomically, don’t rely completely on intercourse for you and your partner’s sexual pleasure. It will lead to very boring, monotonous sex especially if you two have a size mismatch.

Work with your partner to find new and creative ways you can please each other sexually in addition to intercourse. Using a little extra lubrication or a toy during intercourse may stimulate you so much that you won’t even be thinking about your partner’s penis size. Try incorporating oral sex on both the receiving and giving ends, or use hands and toys to give your partner pleasure. If you stick to just intercourse, you’re likely to be frustrated and disappointed.


The most important thing about penis size is a good fit. Neither too small nor too big is ideal. So many men are afraid of not being big enough, not realizing that guys with huge penises have the opposite problem, which is just as bad. You’re just not going to drive a school bus into a garage made for a sedan.

There are hundreds of ways you can ad lib during sexual exploration and the only limit to what you and your partner can do is your imagination.


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