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10 Great educational kids’ games for Nintendo DS and Wii

Your kids love their video games, and you grit your teeth whenever you glance up to see them staring at the screen. Despite what you might believe about video games rotting your kids’ brains, there are a handful of great, educational titles available. Even better, a lot of these games are actually great fun for kids, and they don’t even mind the learning that’s going on while they play.

Here’s a quick look at 10 fantastic educational kids’ games for Nintendo DS and Wii.

For Nintendo DS

My Spanish Coach. In just 15-20 minutes of game time per day, your kids can learn a heck of a lot of Spanish. Minigames let kids learn the basics of word use, grammar, and construction of phrases while having a lot of fun. The game evaluates progress on the go, and with about 1000 interactive lessons, it’ll keep them busy for quite some time. Bonus: You can also use it to learn a foreign language – similar titles teach French, Japanese, and other languages.

Big Brain Academy. Let your kids build their logic and thinking skills with 15 activities that span a variety of skill levels. Kids will love the multiplayer mode that lets them match minds with up to eight players. The mix of games and activities keep the game fresh and exciting.

Spelling Challenges and More. Have a kid with spelling bee aspirations? Not surprising with Akeelah and the Bee and Spellbound garnering millions of young fans. Take full advantage of their interest and let them play word games that test their skills and improve their spelling ability.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village. If your kids enjoy solving puzzles and brainteasers, this game will keep them occupied for hours. With a compelling storyline and tightly integrated puzzles, this game hooks kids and lets them truly enter the game world.

For Nintendo Wii

Smarty Pants. Age-targeted trivia and action-based gestures make this game a lot of fun for kids to play with older siblings, friends, parents, and even grandparents. Appropriate questions are automatically directed to Gram, Junior, and even your 8-year-old. Play in family mode, race your team against the clock, or compete with friends. Over 20,000 questions in multiple categories ensure a good time for a long time.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree. The Wii sequel to Big Brain Academy for Nintendo DS, this game enables multiplayer modes and lets players enjoy a variety of minigames designed to push their brains farther each day.

Endless Ocean. It’s not a traditional game, and it’s not a traditional way to learn, but if you have a kid who’s interested in marine life, this game is a winner. Dive in tide pools or the wrecks of World War II bombers; learn about marine life as you find, identify, and catalog different animals; or just take an underwater tour with friends and family.

Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue. For the youngest gamers, this familiar face combines with fun learning activities that expand on the popular television show. If you need to keep a little one occupied with something educational while you help older siblings with homework, this game is a great introduction to the Wii and a nice learning experience for your child.

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? Whether or not your family likes the TV show, this trivia game will give you hours of fun – and a lot of learning. Over 6000 questions covering every aspect of an elementary education let you test your knowledge and compete against each other or yourselves.

For Both Platforms

My Word Coach. Improve vocabulary, spelling, and verbal communication via different games and challenges. The built-in dictionary contains over 17,000 words for quizzing and testing, and you’ll quickly discover that most of these exercises are quite addicting.

No, these games won’t replace your child’s education – but they can enhance it, believe it or not.

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