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I dare you! Get rid of the sugar

You may find it really tough to believe that eating tempting, tasty desserts and processed, quickie carbs can dramatically harm your moods, energy levels, relationships, libido, thought processes and overall health.

This is why I flat out invite you to doubt my claim. Go ahead: Do NOT believe me! Do NOT take my word for it.


That’s right. Be skeptical of my emphatic assertion that fast-acting, processed culprit carbs can greatly endanger you.

For three weeks, eat only high-quality protein, veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, fats, and whole grains. (Beware of gluten if you have sensitivity to it.) Then, as you test out this sugar-free way of eating, take a step back and assess how you feel.

Tune into your body and emotions. Jot down some thoughts. Do you:


  • Have more energy?
  • Feel more focused?
  • Feel more cheerful?
  • Have improved libido?
  • Find getting up in the morning more enjoyable?
  • What other benefits, if any, are you experiencing?


At that point, make a decision. You may choose to stick to your new sugar-free habits, because your benefits are just so tremendous.

But if, after those 21 days, you’re still not convinced of the value of going sugar-free or almost sugar-free, then allow yourself one single day of indulgence. (Please do this only if your doctor gives you permission and you don’t have a medical condition such as hypoglycemia or diabetes. Bear in mind, however, that I’m not giving medical advice here.)

Now, please remember: I’m NOT recommending that you pig out. I’m merely presenting the idea that you may wish to partake of polite portions of pasta, pizza, pastries, soda, wine, candies, cookies, cakes or other “taboo” foods on that one designated day.

After indulging, step back again and watch yourself very closely. In fact, study yourself dispassionately and observe yourself as if you were a lab rat. Get out your pen again and take more notes.


  • How do you feel a half hour after ingesting sweets?
  • How do you feel an hour after caving into your carb cravings?
  • How do you feel 2 hours later?
  • How do you feel the very next day?
  • How do you feel 2 days later after your deliberate indiscretion?
  • What specific emotions and sensations are you feeling?
  • Are you experiencing a feeling of hyperactivity?
  • Are you feeling more cranky and crabby?
  • Are you feeling really wired or high — and then later really tired or low?
  • Are you completely crashing energy-wise?
  • Are you short on drive to get things done?


Be really specific. I’m absolutely convinced that you’ll be completely flabbergasted by the wonderful benefits.

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