10 Party ideas for single ladies on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there definitely has to be something exciting for singles to do other than hide at home away from all the couples. So why not have a single ladies party? Here are 10 great ideas for planning a party with your single lady friends, so you can make it a night you and they won’t soon forget!

Woman playing poker

1. Throw a casino night.

Get out the poker chips and cards for Texas hold ’em. Maybe you can’t actually go to Vegas but you can bring it to your place for the evening. For poker chips, you can use Valentine’s candy hearts, and for fun snacks make mini-cupcakes decorated with edible flowers.


2. Have a board game night.

Have your guests bring Valentine’s Day sweets (preferably homemade). That way you can nosh on cookies and cupcakes while battling wits in a game of Cranium.


3. Make it a karaoke night.

Show-off your singing skills with a karaoke party! Since it is Valentine ‘s Day sing only the worst love songs – we know everyone can think of a few.


4. Have a cook-off.

This is a great way to create a wonderful meal but also get a little competitive with your friends to see who’s the best chef. Recruit friends who are not the best cooks to be the judges and create a point system for scoring the dishes. For recipes click here.


5. Wii is not just for kids.

Why not have a Wii tournament? Wii bowling is great for a lot of players and at the end of the night the winning team could win a gift of some sort. Don’t forget bragging rights!


6. Movie night!

Movie night is always fun, but since it is Valentine’s Day stick to romantic comedies or old love stories. Come up with trivia questions to go along with the movie(s), and turn the movie you pick into your own version of Scene-it.


7. Host a bingo night.

Everyone loves bingo, and you can make Valentine’s Day-themed bingo boards by cutting up cardboard, adding glitter and using pink stamps as the markers.


8. Throw a Housewives of Orange County/New Jersey/Atlanta Party.

Get all of your single girlfriends together and throw on your glitziest jewelry, most revealing tops, faux fur jackets and the highest heels you can find! All you need to add are plenty of martinis and gossip, and your night is set.


9. Have a wine and cheese party.

To make your party more festive, make Valentine’s cards. Even if there are no artists in the group, you can still have fun making cards for friends and family.


10. Host a clothing exchange.

Have each friend bring some clothes that they no longer wear to trade with one another. Add some Valentine’s Martinis to your get together and you definitely will not mind being single while picking out some ‘new’ threads!


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