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9 Best jobs to meet men

The workplace provides a great opportunity to meet men. Unlike flirting at a bar, working together allows you to get to know potential paramours in a low-pressure environment. Below are nine places and industries that boast exceptionally good male-to-female ratios.

The Military

Joining the military is like signing up for a 24-hour man buffet. If you love a guy in uniform, it would be difficult to not to find one that loves you back after enlisting in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. 

Dive Bars

Being a bartender anywhere ensures that you’re going to receive plenty of attention. But if you’re looking to spend a larger percentage of your shifts making conversation with men rather than women, pick a bar that mostly serves beer and shots, not $14, 10-ingredient cocktails. An Irish bar or a place that boasts live rock bands are also good bets, too.

Tourist Resorts

If you’re not necessarily looking for a long-term relationship, working at a tourist resort or a business hotel will provide you with a never-ending supply of bored men who would just love to take you for a night on the town. And if you don’t mind the cold weather, consider a job at an Alaskan tourist resort, which will supply you with an even bigger pool of rugged men to choose from, as the ratio of men to women is especially low in the northern state.

Landscaping or Construction Companies

Any job that requires you to work outdoors is guaranteed to draw a large pool of hard-bodied men. 

Men’s Magazines

Like their readership, the editorial staff at Maxim and other men’s magazines is largely comprised of people with an XY chromosome. So if you’ve ever dreamed of working at a magazine (and the intricacies of how to arrange flowers like Martha Stewart don’t appeal to you), consider applying for an internship or a job at a men’s title.

Electronics Stores

Men love gadgets, so a woman who can talk about the latest flat-screen TVs or video game consoles is going to have instant appeal to tech-loving guys.

National Sports Leagues

Professional sports leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLS are still predominantly made up of men, so women who work in professional sports definitely stand out from the crowd and garner attention. (Although if you’re Erin Andrews, perhaps you’d prefer a little less male attention.)

Health Clubs

If you avoid Lucille Roberts and other female-only gyms, health clubs are a perfect place to meet some fitness-minded men, especially if you work as a personal trainer and can use your one-on-one sessions to troll for potential boyfriends. Bonus: Your body will look great — and chances are, so will his…

Are there a lot of men where you work? Share your comments below.

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