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Does his bachelor party make you nervous?

Before they get engaged, most guys don’t spend a lot of time thinking about weddings. But, they may spend some time thinking about the bachelor party. With all the stress of wedding planning, sometimes the bachelor party can become a hot topic between a bride and groom. We know that not all brides and grooms think alike about these issues, but we have some tips for keeping the conversation cool.

Guys playing poker

Ask first, worry later

Just as not all bridal showers are alike, not all bachelor parties are alike either. Some guys just want a weekend in a cabin to play video games and go fishing, some want a cigar tasting and a
good dinner. Still others want a full-out Vegas Hangover event. Before you start worrying about your guy’s night out, ask him what he has in mind.

DON’T go behind his back

If you have concerns about the bachelor party, talk to your guy about them. Often times, guys taunt and tease each other into doing really stupid things. Trying to get his best man or other party
planner on your side is not only disrespectful of your groom, it can also backfire on you. If the guys know that you’re pressuring him to do or not do certain things, they can use that as a way of
talking him into doing something stupid.

Get it on the calendar

Ignoring it won’t make the bachelor party go away. Try to get your groom and his friends to plan the bachelor party a few weeks or months before the wedding, when it will serve as a needed
stress-reliever. If there’ s going to be heavy drinking or bruise-inducing sports involved, having the bachelor party the night or weekend before the wedding is not a good idea.‘s Wedding Pre-Party has some excellent features that let your bridal party plan bachelor parties and bridal showers online, making sure that only the relevant
people get the info!

It’s just one night

The stress of wedding planning sometimes makes things like bachelor parties take on a life of their own. When all is said and done, it’s just one night in a long, long life together. In all
likelihood, your guy has gone to wilder parties before — and possibly will do so again.

Have some faith

The bachelor party is one thing in the wedding planning that you can’t micromanage. Once you’ve told your guy your concerns, let it go. Don’t try to detail what he can and can’t do. If you love and
trust this guy enough to marry him, love and trust him enough to let him attend his own bachelor party.

Many people have strong political or religious views about hiring strippers, drinking, or other typical bachelor party behavior. If you are one of those people, then you are most likely marrying
someone with similar views. If you and your fiancé have very different views on these matters, you really need to worry less about the bachelor party and more about the marriage itself.
These are large issues that will come up in a variety of ways throughout your marriage. Figuring out how to handle these issues now will save you a lot of heartache and disagreement in the future.

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