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These kickass boxing drills make a ‘knockout’ body totally possible

We’re not saying you’re going to become Laila Ali overnight, but damn if we’re not girl-crushing on her tight bod. Boxers like Ali are notorious for training hard and killing it in the ring, and they’ve got the hard, muscular bodies to prove it. Whether or not you plan on sparring anytime soon, using a boxing workout that combines interval and circuit training is one of the best ways to get you there — toning, trimming and strengthening as you work on your right hook.

6 Boxing drills for a knockout body
Image: SheKnows Design

By working in “rounds,” boxers work hard for a period of time and then take a short rest. This is known as more of an anaerobic workout, where your calorie burn continues after you have completed the workout. Even if you have never taken a boxing class, you can still incorporate boxing moves into your regular exercise routine and reap the benefits. Here are six fitness drills used in boxing training that don’t require you to know how to throw a “one-two” punch!

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Set the timer

For these drills, you will need a timing instrument (i.e., oven clock, personal timer or cell phone). Set the device for two-minute workout intervals with a 30-second rest. If you want to be official about it, you can order a personal boxing timer from

Be consistent

Do these six drills as a single workout (repeat more than once as you get more fit), or incorporate individual drills into your own fitness routine.

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Take a rest

Between the two-minute rounds when you are taking your 30-second breaks:

  • Relax your whole body and catch your breath.
  • Shake out your arms and shoulders.
  • Stretch your calves.
  • Get a quick drink of water.

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