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10 Sex secrets revealed

Sex guru Emily Morse, host of weekly radio show Sex with Emily recently launched the iPhone app 101 Sex Tips from Sex with Emily to rave reviews and massive downloads. It’s no surprise, really — after all, we could all use some good, proven sex advice from someone who actually knows women. Here, Emily shares with us some of her favorite (and hottest)sex secrets.

1. Little things = big turn ons

101 Sex Tips from Sex with EmilyStatistics show that most men think about sex throughout the day. This is healthy and women can do it, too. Try opening yourself up to arousal at any time. Go ahead and check out that guy on the treadmill or fantasize about the hot model in the magazine. Take a page from the guy’s playbook and watch your temperature rise when you need it to most.

2. Foreplay can be the main course

The word ‘foreplay’ can be misleading, as it indicates that it’s leading to some greater, more important act. It’ll be more fun for both of you if you think of foreplay as sex play and make it about enjoying each other — not just a means to an end.

3. What men want

A study of men’s desires in the bedroom found that most wished their partner would take control more often — and they weren’t talking about the remote. From initiating the act, to showing up at the front door in nothing but your birthday suit when he returns from a long work day, try taking the lead throughout the entire deed.

4. Bondage tip

Congratulations. You’ve tied up your partner, but now what? No need to worry about what to do next. Simply do whatever you’d do if your partner wasn’t tied up. It’s that simple — let the games begin!

5. Stress RX

Sex can be an amazing stress reliever. Try this next time you’re feeling too tuckered out to turn it on. Change your language. Instead of saying, ‘I’m too wiped out to have sex,’ say ‘I’m so wiped out. I need to have sex.’ It is an instant reminder of how energizing and reinvigorating sex can really be.

6. 30-day sex challenge

For 30 days challenge yourself to have sex every day. That’s right, every single day. More sex ignites your libido and more O-mazing things happen with greater frequency. Think of it like going to the gym – at first it may be a drag, but eventually it makes you feel like a million bucks.

7. Harder isn’t always better

More thrusting doesn’t necessarily mean more sexual pleasure. The most sensitive nerve endings in the vagina are actually near the opening, so shallow penetration can be better for some women, and it allows more stimulation to the head of the penis, so guys are happy, too.

8. Breathe

Most women tend to unconsciously hold their breath during sex, which can kill arousal. You’re more likely to climax if you’ve got your breathing under control. So take slow, regular breaths to allow yourself to feel the excitement build and deepen your orgasm.

9. Speak up

Did you know that speaking or hearing erotic words actually stimulates your dopamine levels, which have a lot to do with sexual excitement? Don’t know what to say? Just describe to your partner that you like how he’s doing something in that moment. Tell him what sexy part you love about his body and why. You can take it from there.

10. Can you see?

Well, maybe it’s better you don’t this time. Blindfolding your partner is one of the most exciting ways to spice it up, as senses are heightened, your presence is palpable and there’s an excitement in not knowing what’s coming next. Where will he touch you next? Where is he heading down there? Some things you don’t need to know, just feel it and let the experience take you for a joyful ride.

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