Why women should read men’s magazines

For decades, Cosmo has been the relationship ‘bible’ for women that has shown us how to kiss, date, and even orgasm better.

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However, if you really want to know about what goes on inside of men’s heads, you have to go behind enemy lines and flip open the cover of one of those scantily-clad glossies. Luckily, I’ve already done some reconnaissance on the January 2010 men’s magazines that will enlighten you on what men really think about all day. (And, no, it’s just not sex!) Here are four things I learned.



They Like Curvy Girls, Alec Baldwin, and… Jared Leto?

Rihanna, Olivia Munn, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephanie Pratt: Although they may not exactly be women on Anna Wintour’s invite list for the next Met Costume Gala, all of these women have one thing in common: they can fill out a bra and pair of shapely underpants nicely. While women may idolize the Posh Spices and Kate Mosses of the world, men prefer drooling over curvy, voluptuous goddesses in their magazines.


Also getting the guy seal of approval is funnyman Alec Baldwin on the cover of Men’s Journal and Jared Leto on the cover of Nylon Guys (whom we can only assume is an idol to the skinny pants-wearing, Morrissey-worshiping, hipster boys who read that magazine.)



They Care About Food. (They Just Don’t Like To Cook It)

Women’s magazines like Martha Stewart Living and Every Day with Rachael Ray are filled with recipes and entertaining tips. And while men’s magazines generally aren’t, this doesn’t mean that men don’t care about food. According to GQ‘s ten-page spread on the best restaurants in America, they care a lot in fact — they would just rather not cook it. What they don’t care about evidently are high calorie counts, as Maxim‘s 9000-calorie meals (!) on page 18 would attest to.



They’re Still Little Boys at Heart

You may think that men who read Maxim are of the macho, stripper-loving manly variety. However, on page 16 of the January issue, you will find reviews for a Spiderman Cologne, a Star Trek cologne, and a Spongebob Squarepants Cologne, all for grown men. You wouldn’t wear a Rainbow Brite or Hello Kitty perfume, would you? Exactly.



Men Like Shopping Too

Can it be? Despite their reluctance to even enter a shopping mall with us, do men actually get excited about bargain-hunting the way women do? The answer, if you believe what’s inside of men’s magazines, is a resounding yes! Every mag I read, from Maxim to Nylon Guys, featured some kind of shopping spread, and not just about gadgets, mind you. Some actually featured clothes. And while it may be hard for some of you ladies out there to imagine your guy getting excited about distressed jeans, (which are so hot right now, by the way) rest assured, there are most definitely some men out there who are.

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