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5 Ways to manage your weight each day

We all know that eating less and exercising more is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ideal weight, but sometimes life gets in the way and we find ourselves missing a day or two on the workout plan. Health expert Kristin Anderson, founder of The Daily Trainer and co-creator of the iPhone and iPod Touch fitness application M-TRAIN, shares secrets to maintaining a healthy weight that she employs into her own daily routine in addition to a regular gym schedule.

Breathe more

Oxygen is the gasoline of your metabolism. The more you breathe the more calories you burn. Oxygen also calms you down and the more calm and content you are, the less likely you are to eat from
stress or emotions. Meditating, believe it or not, is my nightly routine to avoid snacking after 8 p.m.

Brush your teeth after you eat

This prevents unnecessary snacking after meals and it keeps your smile top notch. I employed this method six months ago and when I saw my hygienist for a cleaning last week she was shocked at how
clean and healthy my teeth were.

Chew your food

The more conscious you are about chewing your food, the less you’ll eat. This also allows your food to digest more easily, quickly and efficiently, which leaves you less bloated, less
lethargic and generally feeling better.

Get in touch with the gratitude in your life

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, we all have something to be grateful for. This one always sounds so corny but it does keep you skinny. When you are aware of the goodness in your life you
are less likely to try and “eat yourself into a better place.” The danger with eating to achieve wholeness is that we often do it unconsciously. Gratitude settles your mind and makes
you feel whole.

Do one thing just for yourself everyday

It does not need to be fitness-related. It can be a manicure, haircut, taking time to read, even making an appointment or the act of signing up for a class is taking care of yourself. Otherwise the
only pleasure that you are getting in your day is eating and this will always lead to over-consumption.

Anderson also recommends introducing habits to fill space, like carrying a book or magazine, instead of snacking. When it comes to healthy eating habits, Anderson finds that most of her clients are
missing a significant amount of protein.

“It is recommended that women consume 46 grams of protein a day. If you are working out and trying to lose or maintain weight then you want to aim 20 to 30 grams higher than this,” she
says. Anderson incorporates hard-boiled egg whites, apple slices and low-fat cheese as snacks to her diet to keep her metabolism going while giving her the nutrition needed for lean and tight

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