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Choose the best bridesmaids’ dresses

Ugly bridesmaids’ dresses are as traditional as wedding cake and tossing the bridal bouquet. But today’s bridesmaids are tomorrow’s brides, and we don’t think you should make your best friends suffer. Here are some of the newest trends in bridesmaids’ dresses.

Wrap it

One of‘s favorite dress designers is They’ve created an adorable convertible dress that can be wrapped and
twisted into any number of styles. The dress comes in a full length or cocktail length, and your bridesmaids can all choose the same style or create their own unique looks.

Black is the new black

It’s your big day, but your bridesmaids want to look sophisticated, too. That’s a little hard to do in a hot pink or teal taffeta dress. Black bridesmaids’ dresses let your girls look grown-up and
stunning, and you can still choose whatever colors you want for flowers and accents.

Keep it real

There’s no reason a bridesmaid’s dress has to look like a bridesmaid’s dress. Take your girls shopping at the stores you normally frequent.

Get an A

Think A-line — it’s flattering on almost anyone! But don’t limit your search to A-line cut dresses only since there are many other cuts available. Check out this article on
wedding dresses and find out what other cuts and style will flatter your body types.

Let go

Let’s face it: there’s nothing in the friendship contract that says your friends have to dress alike. Why not let your best gals each choose the dress that looks best on them? If you only have one
or two bridesmaids, the dresses don’t even have to be the same color.

Let go, sort of

You can pick the color, they pick the style, or you pick the style, and let them choose the color that suits them best.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses is that your bridesmaids are your friends. Treat them well!

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