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6 Diamond shapes

In the movies, the engagement ring is always a surprise. It’s presented when the girl least expects it, and it’s almost always perfect. But that’s rarely how it happens in real life. Most women are involved in choosing their engagement rings, even if it’s only a matter of telling your best friend what you want so that she can tell your guy. Knowing what the diamond shapes mean can help you describe what it is you want.

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The marquis cut has an oval shape with tips. Like the oval (see below) it helps fingers look longer, the tips also help the stone look larger.


The definition is obvious; this stone is cut in an oval shape. This is a great choice for women with short or plump fingers because the oval stone helps lengthen your hand.


Pear-shaped stones are wide on the top and taper down to a narrow point.


This isn’t a stone shape. It just means a single stone.


No, this doesn’t mean a huge stone fit for a princess. The princess cut has a square top and is held in place by four prongs. If a prong becomes loose, the stone can get lost fairly easily.


Again, it’s fairly obvious. The top of the diamond is round. A round cut stone is held in place by six prongs (instead of four), so it is less likely to fall out. offers a great engagement ring photo gallery to do a little virtual window shopping.

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