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Which lube is right for you?

Let’s be candid for a second… People use lube. They might not talk about it, but — let’s face it — sometimes lubes are necessary, and sometimes they just add more fun to sex. Whether you’re using a sexual lubricant to quell discomfort or to add some spice to your sex sessions, here’s how to find the perfect lube for you.

Any woman who has ever felt a little chafed “down there” knows: Dry sex is no picnic. Our friends at The put it quite eloquently: “Yes, women produce a certain amount of their own natural lubricant (some more than others), but adding some extra slip to your slide can up the pleasure quotient for both of you.”

Getting the goods

There are lots of lubes out there on the market, and you likely don’t want to find yourself standing in front of the sexual products aisle thinking for minutes — or hours! — about which one is right for you. Who knows who you might run into? That visit to the drugstore or passion boutique has got to be a quick pop-in. Better yet, buy them online from a reputable retailer such as or’s “Sexual Wellness” store, or click on the name of any of the products below to find out where to buy.

To help you decide what to get before you shop, we researched (and tested) several lubricants. Here’s what we found…

 Booty Parlor's Lubricant Booty Parlor’s Lubricant

What the packaging says: ‘Add magic’

 What we thought: Add magic? It sure did. Not only did this lubricant smell as good as it looked, but we were pleased with the results. It wasn’t too runny, not was it too sticky or too scented. It was just right. It also has great packaging and an efficient (not to mention clean) nozzle that made it very easy to use.

Overall lube rating: A

LifeStyles Natural Desire

LifeStyles Natural Desire

What the packaging says: ‘Formulated using safe, natural ingredients with no harsh additives’ 

What we thought: This lube gets our award for being the most discreet. At first glance, it looks like facial moisturizer. Had the words ‘personal lubricant” not have been visible on the bottle, we wouldn’t know its purpose. As far as performance goes, we were pleased. This product might not look like lube from the outside, but it sure fits the bill. It was probably one of the best products we tested.

Overall lube rating: A+

Excite Female Sensual Enhancement Gel

Excite Female Sensual Enhancement Gel

What the packaging says: ‘Intensify her sexual response and pleasure’

What we thought: Finally, something that is specifically made to make us ladies feel amazing. Upon trying this lube, we were scared at first. It felt warmer than the others and we didn’t know how it would ‘mix.’ Luckily, no burning sensation was in store. In fact, with this handy product, intercourse felt kind of nice. Ladies can use this one without a mate.

Overall lube rating: B+

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