Sexy Christmas gifts for men

Men can be difficult to shop for during the Christmas season. Instead of getting him another sweater he likely will not wear, give him what no man can turn down — the gift of getting laid. You’re sure to have a naughty XXXmas with the sexy gift ideas below!

Sexy Christmas Woman

Has your man been naughty or nice this year? Either way, surprise him with a sexy Christmas gift that he won’t soon forget. Below are eight steamy gift ideas for men to ensure he has very merry Christmas!

Christmas Condoms

Instead of candy or (yawn!) socks, spice up his stocking this Christmas with some holiday-themed condoms that are made to look like lollipops. ($26.99 for a 24-pack at

Candy Apple Kink Kit

Has your husband been a naughty boy this year? Then a good spanking may be just what he needs. Indulge his bad-boy side with this kinky kit that includes a blindfold, cuffs, and paddle – all in a glossy shade of Rudolph red. ($100 at


Spoil yourself a little with this vibrating ring, which you can slip onto his, um, “little helper.” With this gift, Santa’s belly won’t be the only thing jiggling with pleasure this year. ($35 at

Sexy Santa and Elf Costumes

You’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap – at least, not when you’re engaging in a little bedroom role-playing. Shelve the Catholic schoolgirl ensemble for now and instead pick up a sexy Santa Clause outfit for him and a naughty elf costume for yourself . (Santa: $10.99 at; Elf: $44.99 at

An (Erotic) Christmas Tale

Forget about The Night Before Christmas and other stories for the playground-set. Grab a cup of eggnog and read your boyfriend Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica Stories and The Merry Xxxmas Book of Erotica, two books that he definitely won’t fall asleep listening to. ($10-12 at


When a greeting card just won’t do, tell your guy how you really feel about him with a Pantygram. Imagine his face when he opens up a black envelope to find an anonymous pair of heart-shaped red panties inside! ($24.95 at

Father xxxmas

Your boyfriend will enjoy ringing your bell on cold winter nights with this Santa-head vibrator that will have you saying “oh-oh-oh!” ($6.18 at


Forgive us for stating the obvious, but what man doesn’t fantasize about his girlfriend all wrapped up in a sexy red bow? Meet him at the door on Christmas Eve wearing a pair of heels and a Santa hat, and you will have given him the best gift imaginable.


What is the sexiest holiday present you ever gave a man? Share your story in the comment box below.



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