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Best date stories

We asked daters to brag about the most unbelievable dates they’ve been on, and we received a plethora of interesting, awesome and just plain weird dates. As envious as you might be, these experiences are so unbelievable, we assure you, you’ll be amused.

Couple in Helicopter

Flew to Australia, got pregnant, never left

For Stacy, the first date with her now husband was insanely momentous. “I met my husband in virtual reality — we dated for several months across the planet… skydiving, sailing pirate
ships, building our own house together [in virtual reality],” she explains. Stacy was sure he was the one, so she bought a one-way ticket to Australia meet her beau. According to Stacy,
“The first thing he said was that I was more beautiful than I was on Skype.” Stacy got pregnant within the first few days of her visit and never left. Now they’re married, and she
writes all about their love on her blog at

Engaged in a scavenger hunt

For Lisa, her most memorable date wasn’t the most extravagant or the most expensive. “The guy brought me a bouquet of daisies along with a note containing a clue,” she recalls.
“He then drove around at my direction from one spot to the next. I had to find the next item (a balsawood airplane to put together and fly). It also contained a clue.” This went on for
a few hours with toys, treats and flowers at each spot. One of the stops was a dog-racing track, where Lisa and her date bet on a few races before continuing on. The final spot was hidden in a
romantic clearing in the park, complete with a bouquet of red roses, a necklace and a bottle of wine. Sounds kind of extravagant and expensive to us! “It was a very romantic, fun night, and I
really appreciated the effort and planning this guy put into the date,” Lisa says.

Jumped out of a plane

Doug and Denise had been dating for only two or three months before they went skydiving. “We didn’t do the standard tandem jump [where you are tethered to a jump master] — we went
straight for the most advanced course, an AFF-accelerated free fall [where you learn to jump solo],” she explains. “It was exciting to see my Mr. Wonderful, who’s also a pilot, in
a new light, a learning environment. After lots of instruction and practice maneuvers, we were ready to suit up.” Doug jumped first, then Denise followed. “Once on the ground, Doug and
I embraced with excitement… then sat and smoked a celebratory cigar together. The connection will last them a lifetime. Doug and Denise married one year later and are still living a life of

Flew over the Pacific

For Julie, it was the second date with someone she met online that was really magical. “The first date, which had lasted almost five hours, went so well… on our second date, he picked me up
in his private helicopter,” she recalls. “He also brought a present for me: a CD of Stevie Windwood songs wrapped in a red bow [because] I had mentioned I was disappointed that I missed
his concert. Sometimes men do listen.” Julie’s date flew her over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California, on a beautiful sunny day. “We landed at an airport about 45 minutes from
where we had lunch. When he talked to air-traffic control along the way, it was quite sexy.”

Proposed when they met

Yes, a real proposal. Years ago, Aedon met a friend of a friend while hitting the beaches during a film business outing. “We piled into our cinematographer friend’s van filled with gear
— he and I became absorbed by one another as the day went on,” she recalls. They stared into each other’s eyes and had philosophical conversations. “As he was speaking, I
felt dizzy and hot. I could no longer focus on his words. I felt as though something greater than me was taking over,” Aedon explains. “I interrupted him and said, ‘Will you marry
me?’ Without blinking, he replied, ‘Yes, if you are serious.'” They were married a year from that day in a romantic elopement in Wales, keeping their engagement a secret the
entire time. Although the two spontaneous lovers are now divorced, that doesn’t diminish the magic of that day. “That kind of connection just doesn’t happen everyday,” she

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