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The ultimate sex playlist

When it comes to relationships, yes, women do tend to think too much. But guess what? It’s better to be prepared and have certain plans and expectations than be completely clueless.

Woman in Lingerie with Heaphonessetting the mood

For instance, ‘nights in’ with your man can involve a little strategy. He might try to romance you with flowers, so it’s up to you to set the mood when you retire to your place after a nice date. From mood lighting to comfort, it’s time to ‘get it on.’ Don’t forget the music! A great sensual and sexy playlist will do wonders for your evening.

‘The key to music like that is it can’t be too intrusive–like loud or annoyingly catchy tunes, for instance,’ says Eugene Oh, a romantic musician, ‘but it also can’t be boring. The music kind of has to hide in the background.’ So when you’re picking tunes, ladies, keep that in mind.

Be prepared

Try not to fumble around, too. ‘Always be prepared. Have your playlist ready to go on your iTunes or Windows Media Center, so you’re not scrambling last minute or kicking yourself in the butt for not being ready,’ Oh adds.

You must also avoid interruption and disruption with some preparation. ‘You could be ‘going’ long, so make the playlist that will last without repeating the same five songs over and over (because that could be distracting),’ Oh attests.

Parler vous l’amour?

And don’t forget about the words. The lyrics in these songs are important, too, says Oh. It’s not just about the beat and the tone. ‘I think acoustic music often fits the bill, but the words have to be romantic–not cheesy,’ he points out. ‘But the classics–you can’t go wrong with those, like Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, even Prince.’

As for speed: ‘Go with slow for sure,’ Oh explains. ‘I love anything by Robin Thicke, by the way.’

Ready for your playlist?

Here are Oh’s 9 personal faves:

Robin Thicke’s ‘Lost Without You’
Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’
Prince’s ‘Adore’
Luther Vandross’ ‘Here and Now’
Usher’s ‘My Boo’
Ginuwine’s ‘I’m In Love’
Tyrese’s ‘Lately’
Jodeci’s ‘Forever My Lady’
Neyo’s ‘Because of You’

No traveling down memory lane

Oh, and whatever you do — regardless of what’s on Oh’s list — don’t include any song on your playlist that might remind you of any exes. Or, worse, your parents! Don’t pick your parents’ favorite love songs. Doing so will surely kill any get-it-on mood you’re trying to start and perpetuate.

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