3 Therapeutic vacations for couples

Taking a relaxing vacation can do wonders for your psyche — and your marriage. Couples retreats are the new hotness for everything from strengthening your bond to resuscitating a shaky relationship. Here are three very different ones to try.

Meditating Couple Outdoors

Those of us who saw the movie “Couples Retreat” last month giggled at the antics of Vince Vaughan, as he and his on-screen wife endure a bonding vacation on a tropical island. But did you know these “couples retreats” actually exist? They range in location and activities, but the purpose is the same: to bring couples closer together. Here are three great couples rates to consider when planning your next vacay.

Goal: Forgive and Forget

Couples are bound to reach road blocks and encounter hurdles. Some couples retreats out there set out to be just the kind of therapeutic trip necessary to bring you back together. At the Grace Cirocco retreat (www.gracecirocco.com), couples in small groups (with a maximum of eight couples, for instance) will work together to renew your relationship in the best possible way. Grace, an author, speaker and relationship healer, will study your relationship and customize a workshop with your specific issues in mind. Through ideas, research and communication techniques, Grace will help you and your partner increase intimacy, compassion and understanding. If you’re having problems, this will help you heal. If not, it can only help bring you even closer together.

Goal: Spiritual Togetherness

At Sedona Soul Adventures (www.sedonasouladventures.com), spirituality is at the heart of what matters. The getaway sets out to transform the lives of couples — both married and unmarried.  The personalized spiritual retreat can help you and your partner rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place. You’ll be crowded with other couples during the trip, so you might even learn a thing or two from others and share your experiences, if you choose. Couples will have their choice to stay at a cozy B&B or a gorgeous resort in the area, where you’ll feel totally pampered. Then, let the workshops bring out the best in both of you.

Enhancing Intimacy

For something a little more saucy, an intimate retreat might just strike your fancy. Tantra Couples Retreats (www.intimacyretreats.com) will turn your relationship into a true love affair. The exercises couples perform at the retreat are guaranteed to deepen your sexual and emotional connections with each other. For couples who want to take their relationships to the next level or want to work on their intimacy’s current state, you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively (both in and out of the bedroom), develop a deeper trust and have a little fun in the process. Some activities include tantric sex, massages and meditation.


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