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Getting in shape for your wedding

Setting your wedding date makes diet and quick weight loss plans you normally wouldn’t consider suddenly seem reasonable. It’s tempting, you have a set amount of time and you want to look your best in your wedding pictures. But, it’s also a bad idea. Wedding planning is stressful. Now is not the time to compromise your health or your sanity by making drastic changes.


1. Think of your wedding as the start, not the finish

You and your groom are starting a new life together. Make a vow to create a healthy life by doing something healthy for you every day.

2. Get exercise and rest

Studies show that people who don’t sleep enough tend to weigh more. If you have trouble sleeping, exercise might help. A good night’s sleep and a good workout will keep you from
stressing out and overeating.

3. Be realistic

If you’re motivated by setting a goal, that’s fine, but make it a realistic goal. If you have a great exercise plan and watch everything you eat, you can still only hope to lose one
pound a week.

4. Focus on the positive

Guess what, your fiancé knows exactly what you look like, and he proposed to you anyway! He doesn’t need you to lose weight for the wedding, why do you?

5.. Invest in good underwear

Eating well and exercising are important for your health, but if you’re main concern is the wedding photographs, you can achieve more impressive results with the right bra and body-slimming

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