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The pros and cons of hiring family and friends as wedding vendors

It seems like a great idea: You have a friend who is a florist, you hire her to do your wedding flowers. You’ll probably get a discount and she’ll get some business. It may be a great idea, but there are also hidden pitfalls in this plan. Each situation is different, but offers these basic pros and cons to consider.

Hiring friends and family


  • You give a friend or family member some business.
    • It’s always nice to help out a friend, and what better way than by letting her show off her talents.
  • You have a vendor you can trust.
    • She’s a friend, you know she’ll get that wedding cake to the reception site on time!
  • You will probably get a discount.
    • Although she’ll have to pay her workers, and pay for her supplies, it’s possible that your friend will reduce her profit as a gift to you.
  • You’ll have someone going above and beyond the call of duty.
    • Hey, she’s going to be there, too. She’ll go the extra mile to make sure the rental companies come through for you.
  • It gives you a way to involve a friend in your wedding planning.
    • Not everyone can be a bridesmaid. This might be a good way to spend time with a friend you don’t see that often.


  • You may find it difficult to assert your own ideas with a friend who is a professional.
    • You have a certain idea in mind for your wedding bouquet, but she’s the professional. Will you be able to discuss this with her or will it devolve into a discussion of what happened when you didn’t trust her in high school?
  • She may be your best friend, but she isn’t necessarily great at her job.
    • She’s a trustworthy friend, but have you ever actually seen her wedding photography portfolio? Now would be a horrible time to find out that she’s not as good as she is nice.
  • If she gives you a substantial discount, your friend may feel taken advantage of.
    • Outsiders don’t always understand the costs wedding vendors pay. She may have a hard time saying no to your requests, but it may cost her in the end.
  • Your friend will be working instead of attending the wedding.
    • Even if her part of the event is over before the wedding starts, she’ll be there as the “invitation designer” not your friend from grade school.

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