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Hiring a photographer for your destination wedding

Wedding photographs are great investments because they last a lifetime. Choosing the right wedding photographer for a destination wedding can be especially difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind!

Couple at destination wedding

There are two options for hiring a photographer for your destination wedding:

  1. Hire a local or US-based photographer who is willing to travel.
  2. Hire a photographer at the location.

Pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you hire someone local, you’ll have more of a chance to talk with him and make sure that you’re on the same page with the type of photos you want. There may be fewer language or cultural barriers, as well.

If you hire someone at the wedding location, you’ll get someone familiar with the area who can save time by scouting out good location shots ahead of time. You may also save money because you won’t have to provide airfare or accommodations.

Referrals and recommendations

In either case, get referrals and recommendations. Using sites such as to get ratings and reviews of photographers you’re considering is especially important because you may not have a chance to meet with this person face to face before the wedding. Research local photography prices, as well. If your wedding venue has a recommended vendors list, this would be a very good time to use it!

Experience matters

If you’re hiring a US-based photographer, make sure she has shot destination weddings before. A situation like this entails a lot of logistics, including transportation and accommodations for the photographer. A more experienced professional will know the ins and outs of making his own reservations and will have a realistic idea of his costs.

Get it in writing

As with any wedding service, get everything you’ve discussed in writing. Important issues to cover are: Who will pay airfare? Will the photographer get a per diem? When do you expect the photographer to arrive?

Doing your research and getting details in writing are the first steps to a picture-perfect wedding!

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