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How to save money on a bar at your wedding

If no one in your family drinks, you’ve just saved a bunch of money on your wedding reception. For everyone else though, it is expected that some form of alcohol be served – even at a morning wedding. Making smart decisions about how to set up your bar can save you a lot of money. So, belly up to the bar with these tips from


Think about the bar early on

Although decisions about what to serve can come later, you need to at least be aware of issues surrounding a bar when you begin to talk to wedding venues.

Many venues will require you to purchase extra insurance if you’re serving alcohol. Some will include a bar package in your rental price. You will also need to discuss the bar, and who is
responsible for serving with your caterer.

Always have a bartender

Even if your wedding reception site and your caterer allow you to handle the bar any way you wish, you’ll want to hire a bartender. A bartender will save you money by pouring appropriate size
drinks, and save you headaches by not serving underage or already drunk guests.

Get married during the day

An afternoon or Sunday evening wedding will have less drinking.

Create a signature drink

A signature cocktail, especially one that’s heavy on the fruit juice can save you money.

Close the bar during dinner

Only serve wine during dinner, and make sure the waiters pour the wine as opposed to leaving it on the table.

Close the bar half an hour before the end of the reception

Close the bar too early and you’ll lose guests, but leaving it open until the reception is over not only can cost you money, but it can be unsafe for your driving guests.

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