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Tips for fabulous wedding hair

One of the last things you’ll do before walking down the aisle is get your hair done, but you don’t want to wait until the last minute to start thinking about your wedding hairstyle. wants you to remember to think about your hair early and often!

Wedding hair

Grow it out

If you even think that you want to have an updo for your wedding day, you’ll want to start growing your hair now. Get regular trims to keep it healthy, but don’t make any drastic decisions until you know exactly what you’ll be doing on the big day. But remember, not every bride needs an updo, so if that’s not of interest to you, cut away.

Think about color

If you regularly get your hair colored you probably already know the sweet spot for your highlights or color to look its best. Remember, you want to hit that sweet spot on your wedding day. Plan out your next few color treatments to make this happen. If you don’t already get your hair colored make sure you do any experimentation well in advance of the big day.

Talk to your hairstylist early

If you have a regular hairstylist, don’t assume he will able to do your wedding-day hair – or that you will even want him to. He might be great at cuts, but not so good at updos, or he might be unavailable to travel to your location that day. If he won’t be with you, seek recommendations for someone who specializes in the look you desire. Make sure you keep your regular stylist in the loop, however, when it comes to things like color and length.

Bring pictures

Make sure to bring pictures of hairstyles you like AND your wedding dress when you first start to discuss your wedding day hairstyle.

Discuss the timeline

When scheduling your appointment, make sure your stylist has a clear idea of where you need to be and when for the wedding.

Wear a shirt with buttons

Probably obvious, but just in case, don’t forget that you won’t want to lift a shirt over your wedding day hair and makeup.

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