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Tips for saving money on your wedding

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: How can you pull off a fabulous wedding on a less-than-fabulous wedding budget? These classic event-planning budget tips are tried and true ways for you to save money on your wedding budget.

Wedding planning

Go off season

Winter weddings, even late fall and early spring weddings are less expensive than summer weddings.

Go off hours

In the same way that weddings not in the peak season cost less, weddings on Friday, Sunday, or even Saturday morning or afternoon are all less expensive than a Saturday night wedding.

Cut the guest list

This one is obvious, the more people you have, the more money it will cost.

Cut down your wedding party

A large wedding party is one of the hidden costs of a wedding. It’s true that your bridesmaids will pay for their own clothes, but you’ll buy a bouquet for each of them, as well as a
gift. You’ll also have to invite all of them to the rehearsal dinner. Remember, for each bridesmaid you will probably also have a groomsman who needs a boutonniere and a gift as well.

Have a limited bar

Instead of having a fully stocked open bar, consider serving just one or two mixed drinks and wine and beer.

Close the bar during dinner

Only serving wine during dinner will not only cut down on your costs, it will also keep your guests from over-indulging. Instead of having bottles on the table, have waiters pour for your guests.
This will not only look classy, it will prevent over-pours and save you money.

Ask about larger tables

Most tables are generally set for eight, but if you can set tables for 10-12, you can reduce the number of centerpieces you need. Discuss this idea with the caterer or venue manager.

Have a small wedding cake

This is an oldie but a goody. The cake you cut is small and decorative, meanwhile in the kitchen the catering staff is serving up the exact same cake only in sheet cake form.

Give your florist some wiggle room

Unless flowers are absolutely your obsession, consider letting your florist make centerpieces out of what’s inexpensive and available the week of your wedding.

Research online

Sites like not only offer ratings and reviews of vendors, they also offer great discounts on everything from wedding dresses to wedding shoes. Wedding blogs and forums offer a great
chance to get ideas from other brides about how to cut costs without cutting style.

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