Your honeymoon planning checklist

When the hustle and bustle of your wedding day is over, the real fun begins. It’s time for your honeymoon! But just like your wedding day, a successful honeymoon requires planning and organization. Make sure you have everything checked off with this honeymoon traveling checklist so after the big day has come and gone, you’ll be on your way to honeymoon bliss.

Bride and groom just married, off to their honeymoon

Nine months to one year before departure

It may seem silly to start planning a trip nine months in advance, but keep in mind that you’ll be simultaneously planning a wedding. Things won’t be busy. An early start will help. 

  • Decide on your budget: If you have one budget for your wedding and honeymoon, make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page about priorities.
  • Research locations: Don’t forget to visit’s honeymoon and destination wedding site, you can research options, buy tickets and even check the weather!
  • Consider buying tickets: If you’re using frequent flier miles you’ll want to buy tickets early.
  • Research hotels: European hotels tend to have fewer rooms than U.S. hotels and book up early.
  • Order your passport: Don’t forget, if you’re leaving soon after the wedding, all travel documents should be in your maiden name. You won’t have time to get new ID.

Six months before take off

  • Make final travel arrangements: Tickets should be booked, the hotel reserved, and any other transportation needs taken care of.
  • Apply for visas: This can be a long process so if you’re crossing country lines, makes sure you start the visa approval process early enough.
  • Get vaccinations if required: Ouch! But it’s a must do before honeymooning it to many countries.
  • Put in for vacation time at work: Getting this out the way early will ensure you have the time off and with that set in stone, making the rest of your arrangements will be as stress free as possible.

Three months to honeymoon heaven

  • Make a packing list: Bride brain is a well-known phenomenon. Even if you’re an expert traveler, the busier you get with wedding plans the harder it can be to keep track of minute details like this.
  • Change your cell phone (or toss it totally): If you want to stay in contact, check your cell phone plan to make sure you’ll be able to use your phone at your honeymoon location. Or better yet – just leave it at home for the ultimate escape! If you do take it, use it for emergencies only.

One month out

  • Fill any necessary prescriptions: You may need to get permission from your insurance company to get a refill ahead of time.
  • Make copies of travel documents and store in a safe place.
  • Write down an itinerary, with phone numbers: Leave this information for anyone who may need to contact you in an emergency.  Even if your cell phone is supposed to work overseas, don’t rely on it as the only way people can find you. If you keep all your phone numbers in your phone, make sure to write down numbers for your own use as well.
  • Buy any necessary adapters for electronics: You don’t want to be the silly American who shorts out the entire hotel with her blow dryer.

Two weeks before departure

  • Pack: Yes, it’s early, but you won’t have time next week during all the wedding drama.

Day of departure

  • Pack last minute medications and toiletries.
  • Grab a good book and go!

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