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The costs of being in a wedding party

Being asked to be part of a bridal party, also known as the wedding party, is a great honor…And it can be a great expense. From the bride’s point of view, having bridesmaids can be a huge help, but they can also add a lot of expense to your wedding budget. At, we know that every wedding is different, however, here are some basic guidelines about who generally pays for what.

The Bride and Groom (and their families)

The wedding 

  • The reception 
  • The rehearsal dinner (which includes all members of the bridal party) 
  • Bride’s dress, groom’s clothing 
  • Bouquets for bridesmaids 
  • Boutonnieres for groomsmen and ushers 
  • Flowers for flower girl 
  • Ring pillow for ring bearer 
  • Bridesmaids’ lunch to thank bridesmaids 
  • Gifts for each attendant 
  • Transportation from wedding site to reception site for bridal party


  • Your dress (even if you hate it) 
  • Your shoes
  • Hair and make-up on the day of the wedding 
  • Transportation and hotel accommodations to the wedding, if necessary 
  • Bridal shower and/or Bachelorette party 
  • Wedding gift for the couple


  • Your tuxedo or suit, or rental of tuxedo and shoes
  • Transportation and hotel accommodations to the wedding, if necessary 
  • Bachelor party 
  • Wedding gift for the couple

Parents of Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

  • The child’s outfit
  • Babysitting for the child if he or she will not be at the receptio

You’ll see many lists that claim the bride’s side is responsible for some items, and the groom’s side is responsible for others. There are traditions behind these ideas, but there
are no hard and fast rules, and not all families help pay for weddings.

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