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How to create your wedding registry

Creating a wedding registry can be both fun and overwhelming. You’ll want to create a gift registry that not only helps to furnish your new life together, but also is respectful of your guests.

Even if you have everything you need, register

People want to give you a wedding gift, and they will do so whether you want them to or not. Wedding gift registries are a polite way to give them some ideas about your tastes and wishes.


It may feel weird, but the more items you register for, the better. Having a variety of items at different price points is kind to your guests. If you only register for high-end items, you may
frustrate or offend those with less money to spend.

Choose at least one national store

If you’re inviting people from out of town, make sure to select at least one store that everyone can access either in person or online.

Research return policies and other store policies

Before settling on your registry sites, make sure you have a full understanding of their return policies. Many stores offer great deals to help you ‘finish’ your registry and buy any un-purchased
items from it at a discount.

Share your good fortune

A popular trend today is to not just register for things for yourself, but to also register for donations to your favorite charity. Consider researching whether your favorite charity offers a
wedding registry option. If it’s a local organization, you may want to discuss the idea with them. If you need help thinking of a good cause, check out the I Do Foundation, which has lots of great
ideas for making your wedding a feel-good event.

Yes, you can register for money — if you’re careful

Although it’s less controversial than it was in the past, asking for money as a wedding gift is still a sore subject with a lot of wedding guests. It’s perfectly acceptable to register with one of
the many honeymoon or cash gift websites, but make sure you also create a more traditional gift registry. Also, spend some time researching these registries and make sure you understand what cut of
the gift the site is taking for itself. If you have relatives or family friends that you know will be offended by this idea, consider only sharing it with less-traditional wedding guests.

Spread the word, politely

Letting people know about your wedding registry is a tricky balancing act between passing along helpful information and looking like you’re asking for gifts. If anyone asks for your registry
information, pass it along. It’s also a good idea to let people that others may ask (parents, attendants, shower hosts) in on the scoop. Setting up a wedding website at a site like is a great way to share this information and other vital wedding information.

Give thanks, quickly

There’s a common misperception that you have up to one year to send a thank you for a wedding present. The truth is, polite people say thank-you right away. All gifts, even donations, cash gifts,
and those you hate have to be acknowledged with a thank-you note as soon as possible after opening. Do a few every day and it won’t feel like such a chore.

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