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Choose a wedding dress neckline that’s right for you

Unless you’ve been a contestant on Project Runway, shopping for a wedding dress is going to introduce you to some new terms and ideas when it comes to dress shape. Not knowing what these terms mean can make you feel insecure, which can lead to over-spending on your wedding dress. At we like to keep an eye on your wedding budget, so check out some of these terms before you go shopping.


This neckline is uneven, usually with a single strap across the front. It’s a great style if you want to accentuate your shoulders and collarbone.


This neckline follows the curve of your collarbone all the way across to your shoulders. It tends to make your bust look fuller, so it’s a great pick for small-chested brides.


Just like a regular halter top, this neckline fastens around your neck and shows off your shoulders, upper back and arms.


This is a conservative round neckline that comes up high around the base of the neck. Sometimes you’ll see light or transparent fabric between the bust and the neckline with this style.


This is a great look for women with full busts. It swoops across the chest and hits just off the shoulders.


This is a lot like the off-the-shoulder style, with more of a scoop. It’s called a “portrait” neckline because it nicely frames you from the shoulders up.

Queen Anne

This comes up high in back and then dips down below the front of your throat.


This is a simple neckline that looks terrific on just about any woman and works well with any style of sleeve. It’s a U-shaped neckline, like a scoop of fabric has been taken out of your


The square neckline is another universal flatterer. The neckline is the bottom half of a square. It can be cut wider to show off more shoulder or lower to catch a little cleavage.


Hopefully, it’s sort of obvious what this means. It looks great on women with nice shoulders and full busts.


This is another neckline that looks good on many different body types. Essentially, the cups over your bust form the top of a heart shape.


This neckline works especially well with long sleeves. The depth and width of the V can vary widely, depending on the designer and your taste. It looks good on a variety of body types, particularly
hourglass figures.

Remember, if you’re getting married in a house of worship, you’ll want to check with the clergy to see if there are any rules about bare shoulders or low-cut gowns.

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