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Personalize your wedding and save money

No matter what her wedding style, there’s one question almost every bride has: How can we save money on the wedding? Believe it or not, one of the best ways to reduce your wedding budget is to make your wedding more personal and unique.

Create your own Save the Date cards

‘Save the Date’ cards offer your guests one of the first glimpses of your future wedding, but instead of going cute and expensive with magnets, coasters or other items, consider using postcards of
your wedding town or simply printing them on your own computer.

Use fruits instead of flowers for your centerpieces

Unless you and your bridesmaids are very talented, trying to create your own floral centerpieces the day of the wedding can be very stressful. Why not use in-season fruit, baskets, or bowls to
create the centerpieces? Try lemons and limes for summer, apples for fall, oranges with clove for winter. After the reception, the baskets can be donated to a local food bank making them tax

Go ethnic

Instead of the traditional chicken, fish or steak, consider a theme menu incorporating your heritage. Delicious Indian, Italian, Mexican, and soul food dishes can all be made for large quantities
of people at a reasonable cost.

Serve a sweet treat

If a traditional wedding cake is part of your dream, then by all means, have it. But, if like most people, it’s something you’re doing just because you’re supposed to, then
consider skipping it in favor of your favorite dessert. Wedding cakes are beautiful, but expensive. Serving your favorite dessert adds a little dash of your personality into the reception.

Play only your favorite music

A wedding band or DJ can really enhance a reception, but a lot of couples are choosing to save money by ditching the professionals and putting their favorite tech-savvy friend to help out with the
execution. Discuss available sound equipment with the venue and assign a friend to be in charge of starting and stopping music at appropriate times.

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