What He Wants: Meet the guys

We wanted to know what guys really think about love, sex and dating so we went straight to the source. Meet the What He Wants guys and see what each had to say about what they want in women, in love and in bed.

Meet the guys

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Mike from Phoenix

Born: 1974

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Occupation: Owner of Killerweightloss.com and Killershade.com

Relationship status: Divorced and looking

Rob from Chicago

Born: 1983

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Public relations

Relationship status: Single

Leo from NY

Born: 1981

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Program coordinator at a non-profit

Relationship status: Single

Loren from Scottsdale

Born: 1984

Hometown: Scottsdale

Occupation: Owner of Alternative Web Media

Relationship status: Single

Jason from LA

Born: 1974

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Entrepreneur, writer; mildly insane

Relationship status: Single

Corneliu from Romania

Born: 1981

Hometown: Romania

Occupation: Real estate broker

Relationship status: In a relationship

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