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What He Wants: Q&A with the guys

Ladies, this is the ultimate inside look into a guy’s mind. We asked our What He Wants guys questions about love, sex, break ups, attraction and dating. We even asked a few down and dirty questions we were dying to hear the answers to.

Get the dirty talk straight from the What He Wants guys. No questions were off limits in our mission to find out What He Wants — in love, from women, in bed and in
a relationship.

Meet the guys we interviewed >>

Read through their answers, or skip ahead to what you really want to know:


Q: When it comes to a woman in bed, what do you think: Lingerie or naked?

Q: How can a woman impress you in bed?

Q: What do you really want in bed? For women to be the boss or for you to be the boss?

Q: If a woman loves her partner but the sex is underwhelming. What should she do?

Q: Why are some guys so turned on by the girl-on-girl action?


Q: Is there a right way for a woman to end a relationship?

Q: What advice do you want to give your exes? Aside from, like, to die

Q: Do you think men and women can be friends after a break-up?


Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Q: What are the qualities and characteristics that make you head-over-heels for a girl rather than just a hook-up or a platonic friend?

Q: What qualities do you look for in a woman?

Q: If you could have any three things in your perfect woman, what would those three things be?

Q: What initially attracts you to a woman?

Q: OK, so we all know the fairy tale of meeting someone, feeling instant attraction, and living happily ever after. But have you discovered
things are way hotter if you actually hate them a little bit?


Q: SheKnows readers want to know… why do men cheat?

Q: It’s been said there’s no such thing as a sensitive, nurturing man who wants to connect emotionally. Men just want sex, plain and
simple. Do you think that’s true, on the most basic level?

Q: What if you married a girl who started out really physically fit and tuned into how she looked and then she has the kids and lets herself
go. How would you manage that in a long-term relationship?


Q: What’s your ideal first date?

Q: Do you believe in that concept of “the one”?

Q: Why do you think the beautiful and successful are so darn foolish when it comes to dating?

Q: What’s the ugliest truth about your dating history?

Q: So what would women be wise to do? How would we best approach you guys… let’s say we’re dating and we want to go that next step?

Q: What’s the most annoying thing a girlfriend can do in a relationship?

Q: What’s the worst dating advice you’ve ever given? Or gotten?

Q: How do you think the constant influx of dating guides and movies has influenced “the scene”?

Q: SheKnows wants to know… What do YOU want?

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