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Meet Loren

Born: 1984
Occupation: Owner of Alternative Web Media
Hometown: Scottsdale
Relationship status: Single

Meet Loren

Where do I even begin? There so much to me!

Who I am:

I live in Arizona and have been here since 6th grade.  High School was amazing-spent most of my time playing and training for football, studied some (and by some I mean none), and spent the
rest of my time swooning the ladies. From there, I went to Northwestern University on a Football Scholarship for 4 years, then transferred to Arizona State University (Go Devils!) for my final year
of college. Yes, I know, hard to believe I played football AND graduated with a pretty good degree.

I always thought I’d go on to play professionally but realized that it could potentially ruin my knees. In addition, I found there’s so much more I can get involved in to stay active in the
athletic world. I have been an athlete my whole life, but now, it’s time to transition that into something new. Now I am 24, coach a little league football team, have my own business, and consider
myself an entrepreneur at heart. I am extremely passionate about training (yes, still) and eating right. I see my life coach weekly, consider my family time (which is dinner every Sunday)
irreplaceable, love my little athletes on the little league team, and yes, still swoon the ladies. (I knew you were wondering about that).

What I do:

I started an internet marketing/SEO/web design and development company with my two partners. We are currently building it out right now – one of these partners lives in India (yes, India – as in
the other side of the world), so that is very exciting and time consuming at the same time.  I like to go out every once and a while, but really have gotten away from the scene – is it lame
that I really enjoy a backyard BBQ more than going to the bars? I try to relax and spend time with friends and family on the weekends, but usually end up partying one night a weekend. Let’s face
it, after a long week of work, how can a cold drink NOT sound good?

I am very compassionate and affectionate, and try to live by those standards and give everyone the benefit of the doubt – don’t take advantage of this J.  I feel that we all do the best with
what we know or have.  I am an extremely driven person, but I know that can get me out of balance at times.  Let’s be real, it happens to all of us when we get focused on one thing. I
leave you with these last few thoughts: I can cook, love to cuddle, and know enough about diet and fitness to help you lose 20 lbs in two months.

Q&A with Loren

1: So what would women be wise to do? How would we best approach you guys… let’s say we’re dating and we want to go that next step?

Just be honest about it. The earlier on that you are honest about it, the better it’s going to be for the long run. If he’s not that into you as you are into him, you might as well just get it out
of the way and see if you actually want to go to that next step.

2: What’s the most annoying thing a girlfriend can do in a relationship?

When they tell you what to do or give you advice when you haven’t asked for it, as if they don’t trust you to know the answer or trust you to be smart enough to come to them when you need advice –
if you need advice. Women talk about all their problems out loud and that’s how they support each other, and they think they can support men that way and it really just annoys us and pisses us off.

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