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What a guy’s wingman says about him

When a guy goes out to a bar or a party, he often has a clear objective in mind: To meet and possibly go home with a woman. To help accomplish said motive, he may bring along a sidekick, aka wingman. A savvy woman can tell a lot about her prospective crush based on a thorough wingman evaluation.

Guy and ihis wingman

Pay attention to the wingman’s personality

A guy’s wingman usually has a mirror personality to the guy lusting after you. So if your guy’s wingman is exhibiting obvious sleazeball characteristics (hitting on every girl in the
bar, not taking “no” for an answer, sporting a gold shimmery chain beneath a shirt with one too many buttons unbuttoned, etc.), chances are, your guy is like that, too — though he may be hiding it
to make a good impression.

Conversely, if your guy’s wingman is a well-mannered gentleman, your guy is probably a genuine please-and-thank-you kind of fella, too. (But would a gentleman really need a wingman? It’s your

This isn’t a foolproof evaluation of guy’s personality, however; these wingman-and-buddy pairings sometimes unite based on opposite personalities. The wingman could be completely offensive, setting
his friend up as a welcome relief.

Pay attention to their interactions

If your guy’s wingman starts becoming the life of the party, pay attention to how your guy handles him. Remember, the role of the wingman is to look out for your guy, not try to garner lots
of attention. If your guy responds by babysitting the wingman, chances are he’s a pushover.

On the flipside, if you overhear the wingman regulating the guy’s behavior, it means your guy tends to overdo it.

If your guy relies on his wingman to pick up the tab at last call, that means that your guy is broke. Mr Wingman isn’t just there for emotional support — he is there for financial support,
as well, and you don’t want to deal with that.

What the wingman has to say

If your guy’s wingman is overselling your guy to you or to your friends, your potential guy is either a) super shy, or b) is in desperate need of some action. His friend is sick of hearing
about it and is therefore trying to close the deal on his behalf.

If the trusty wingman is trashing your guy to you, your guy is actually great — and the wingman has recognized what a prime target you are. The only way he can have a shot at you himself
is by attacking his friend. We think you should steer clear on both counts!

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