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10 Lies men tell

There’s no denying it, guy’s lie. They tell us things like, “I’m five minutes away” when they haven’t left yet or when they had to go to that strip club, all they could think of was us. Mostly they lie to keep themselves out of trouble or to spare our feelings.

Shady looking man in front of woman

Truth be told, some of the fiction floating off their tongues can be quite convincing especially when we want to believe it. Here, we’ve got the insider’s guyde to what he really means
when he delivers his Oscar winning lies… er, lines.

“I’ll call you.”

What he really means: I might call you.

A guy will almost always say this upon any departing situation as a matter of protocol. If he isn’t going to call, he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by saying so. Don’t wait
by the phone – live your life. If the call doesn’t come in a few days, it’s not coming.

“I don’t want to have sex with you, I just want to lie here with you.”

What he really means: I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to have sex with you, but I’ll lie here if it means there’s a chance it might lead to sex.

One of a guy’s goals in life is to get laid, and he will say whatever he needs to, to increase his odds. For some, that means a passive-aggressive approach – his objective being to put
you at ease. Watch out, this guy will pounce as soon as your red-light turns yellow.

“I won’t show the tape to anyone.”

What he really means: I won’t show it to everyone, just my best friends.

If he doesn’t promise to hide the proposed X-rated treasure, the odds of you consenting to co-star in it are slim to none. But making a sex tape is a major accomplishment for a guy and while
sure it is a good time to review his moves alone, it’s even better to show it off high-fiving with his homies.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

What he really means: That was good sex.

Unless it was his first time or your guy has some freakish cataloging memory capability, a man simply can’t recall the details of all the sex he’s had. He may be saying this in hopes
you return the sentiment, but unless you are feeling generous, withhold your heavyweight compliments for when you really mean it.

“I love you.”

What he really means: It loves you and I like you.

Typically said in response to a woman who has professed her love. The guy loves being with her sexually and their emotional connection is strong too, therefore he feels forced to return the
sentiment out of fear of losing her.

“I’m not married.”

What he really means: I’m not committed to my wife.

Cheating and lying go together like girls and lip gloss. And plenty of committed-on-paper men are looking for a bachelor life on the side… if they can get away with it. It is hard for guys to lie
well though about the dutiful wife waiting for them at home, so if your gut thinks he might be married, follow it.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

What he really means: It’s totally you, I just can’t tell you that.

A guy’s worst nightmare is breaking up with a girl and seeing her cry (hence the text breakup), so he will say anything to avoid waterworks. Another variation of this is “you’re
too good for me” or “I’m going through some things right now.”

“I’ve never told anyone this before.”

What he really means: I’ve never told you this before.

It is not uncommon for a guy to have a scripted confession that he divulges to all of his ladies which instantly makes her heart melt for him. The disclosure of an admission makes her feel like a
chosen one, and instantly she becomes putty in his palm.

“I love your parents.”

What he really means: You love your parents and I will deal with them

A smart guy knows that a girl who is close to mom and dad will think twice about him if he doesn’t get along with her family, and that starts with approval from the top. For a Daddy’s
girl/girl who is besties with her mom, an ultimate compliment paid, will be that of how great her parents are.

“No, I never dated her.”

What he really means: I hooked up with her, I just can’t tell you because you will freak out.

This is a classic case of ‘we can’t handle the truth.’ He is lying to prevent an inevitable line of follow-up questions that will result in more decisions to lie or to tell the
truth (i.e. Was she better in bed? Do you think she is prettier? Do you still have feelings for her?). This is a public fight waiting to happen.

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