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Meet Jason

Q&A with Jason


What qualities do you look for in a woman?

To be honest, “qualities” is a general term. And in general (and being superficial), the qualities change. Some days, I want the power broker woman in the skirt suit, and some days, I want the
young hippie chick who only knows loving and understanding… Then you get the fun beer-drinking girl who loves old-school Chevy Chase films, and you can’t forget the woman who loves pizza, wings
and a good day of sports. These are the qualities I look for — not the qualities of a lasting relationship or someone I want to be with. Plus, these are things that I look for based on how I am
feeling each Saturday when I get up and decide where I am going for the weekend. No matter the woman, the one kicker is she has to look good in jeans and a t-shirt.

How do you think the constant influx of dating guides and movies has influenced “the scene”?

The scene has not changed — ages and names have changed, but the scene is the same. From dive bars to clubs, the hair and styles have changed but the scene is what it is.

OK, so we all know the fairy tale of meeting someone, feeling instant attraction, and living happily ever after. But have you discovered things are way hotter if you actually hate them a
little bit?

The sex is hotter, but that is about it…

What advice do you want to give your exes? Aside from, like, to die.

I never wish anything bad upon my exes; they are all great, they put up with me for a day, a month or even nine months. That written, I won’t give advice to them. They can struggle just like me.
Funny: They always give me advice — advice I never take.

Why do you think the beautiful and successful are so darn foolish when it comes to dating?

Success comes with looking for the next big thing, looking for the “greener” grass if you will.  Beauty comes with people throwing themselves at you.  How can you settle when you want to
find the best and with so many people throwing themselves at you?  The things that make you successful do not translate to finding success with the opposite

sex. But oddly enough, it does lead to four to six months of great dating.

What’s the worst dating advice you’ve ever given? Or gotten?

First, let me say that some things I find funny are only funny to me, and my humor leads to bad dating advice. I had a friend who had a long-distance relationship. One day, the guy just stopped
calling her — blocked her email address and de-friended her on Facebook. She asked me what to do. I told her to fly out to see him, confront him and get closure. I really didn’t think she would.
That is not true, I did, and I talked her into doing it. It was a disaster, to say the least. She has now de-friended me on Facebook, no longer calls or texts me, and does not follow me on Twitter

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