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JasonQ&A with jason

It’s been said there’s no such thing as a sensitive, nurturing man who wants to connect emotionally. Men just want sex, plain and simple. Do you think that’s true, on the most basic

Not a fair question.  Sure, men want sex but so do women; look at the cougar rage. It comes down to trust. Men get the bad rap for always wanting sex and only sex. Women get the bad wrap for
being manipulators and using sex to get what they want. As a man, it is easier to play the game of getting them in bed than getting a girl you can trust.

What’s the ugliest truth about your dating history? (Or dating in general… too predictable? not enough options out there? whatever…)

The ugly truth is that finding a girl is easy. Getting a number is easy. Finding a date is easy. Finding someone to spend more than two hours with is hard — unless you get blind drunk with them.
Then you keep forgetting everything you say, everything they say, and it is all fresh and new after every third José shot…

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No, but I believe in lust at first sight. The kicker is feeling lust at first sight and turning it into love and making her feel the way she did after the first time you kissed her — but
six, nine, 12 months down the road. The perfect blend of lust and trust is love… Maybe… Then again, I am single, so what do I really know?

What initially attracts you to a woman?

Confidence — you see that through eye contact. Great legs and a sense of humor… or if she is funny is the next step for me.  FYI: A lady being a loud drunk-ass on a pub-crawl is not
confidence, but it can lead to a fun time…

What’s your ideal first date?

Sushi. You get to see how delicately she can or cannot eat. Plus, sake and cold beers are great icebreakers…

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