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The cervical dip, orgasms & trying to conceive

Of course, we all know how awesome an orgasm feels. But did you know that orgasms also have major physiological effects on your body?

Yes they do. When you have an orgasm, the hormones released during these feel-good moments also help keep your hormones in check, reduce stress, regulate your menstrual cycle, fight off breast cancer, keep your appetite under control and keep you sane.

Helpful hormones

I’ve got one word for you: Oxytocin. This is the main hormone your body releases during an orgasm. Oxytocin not only makes us feel soooooo damn good, it also acts as a neurotransmitter and plays a major role in facilitating uterine contractions during labor and in helping women breastfeed successfully.


And, get this, newer research has shown that it also plays a role in sexual arousal, bonding with others, increasing trust and reducing fear, our maternal instinct and memory.


Here’s some more juice on orgasms and oxytocin — if you’re trying to get pregnant, the hormones released during an orgasm help with that, too!


The cervical dip

When you have an orgasm, the hormones that are released make your cervix contract, causing it to repeatedly dip in and out of the vagina (that’s what those muscular contractions you feel after an orgasm are). It’s those muscular contractions, or the “cervical dip” as I like to call it, that help guide your man’s sperm up into your body to facilitate pregnancy.


I’m sure you’re wondering, can a woman get pregnant without having an orgasm after sex? Of course she can. Orgasms are not imperative to pregnancy. But, here’s the deal: If no orgasm occurs after ejaculation, some of the ejaculated sperm can make it up to where your egg is, but a lot of those sperm just lie there and hang out in your vagina. What a waste.


Ladies, if you want to increase your odds of getting preggers, do the cervical dip. It’s this dipping movement of the cervix that will help bring more sperm up into your body, helping them traverse the distance to get to that egg of yours.


But here’s the catch — you must orgasm after he does. For you oh-so-lucky multiple orgasm girls, you can still get off before he does, just be sure you do after he finishes as well — this way that cervical dip occurs and your body helps guide his sperm to your egg and you can be on your way to getting preggers!



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