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How to keep the romance alive (and hot!)

7 tips to keep romance alive:

Have a weekly date night

Take turns deciding what each of you would like to do each time. Have fun being together, just the two of you, for a few hours each week. Go out to eat, on a picnic, for a walk, play miniature
golf, to the office and fool around, go bowling, and on and on.

Drop it!

Let go of all the past crap he’s put you through. Start fresh, right now. Begin making new memories. Discover each other all over again. After all, he’s dating a new, wonderful, wild woman. Let the
woman be fully present on your “dates.”

Be passionate

No more little pecks on the check, little shoulder top hugs, or weak “love ya’s.” Come on, you empowered woman! Go the distance. At least once a day, kiss him like you really mean it. When you hug
each other, make sure you give a full-blown, juicy, full body bear hug (stiffness or tense hugging does not count). When he says “love ya,” stop what you are doing, walk over to him, look him in
the eyes, and say “I love you, too. I mean, I really do love you!” Enjoy the feelings this invokes.

Do something a little extra

Leave love notes, send cards, take him out to dinner, dance with him or for him, make him lemonade and cookies or his favorite cocktail… just for him, and just for the heck of it. Try these fun
ideas from the SheKnows Love Experts:

Notice him

When he comes home, stop for a minute and welcome him home. If he’s home before you, acknowledge his presence in a loving way. Remember, you are healed and whole now. This will make you feel good,
like you are giving him the precious gift of being loved by you.

Take vacations together

Make sure that at least one vacation, even if just for a weekend or one full night, is just for the two of you. SheKnows is full of romantic travel ideas to get you planning!

Renew your marriage vows

“Jim and I went to Las Vegas to the Mission of the Bells chapel,” says McClary. “It was great. The re-marriage package included a limo with a bar and TV (I had to promptly confiscate the remote),
the church service, minister, music, flowers, and champagne. It was perfect! All that was missing was an Elvis impersonator to “give me away!” We honeymooned at Caesar’s Palace. The best part was
that my ever-awakening husband planned every bit of this. A Real Love marriage, and honeymoon — aah, life doesn’t get much better than that!”

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