20 Ways to pamper your health

Oct 16, 2009 at 11:04 a.m. ET

Some women crave a few quiet minutes to enjoy a piece of dark chocolate melting in their mouth while others prefer indulging their skin with a top of the line home spa treatment. Whether you define pampering as a candlelit bubble bath or curling up with a book, the following 20 products will inspire you to take care of yourself on a daily basis. From skin and hair care to must-have items to help you relax and even sleep, these pampering products will provide much-needed TLC for all your health, beauty and stress-relieving needs.

Woman at Spa

1. Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt

Sometimes a piece of fine chocolate is the only cure for a cranky blue day. With experts extolling the virtues of dark chocolate and women everywhere certainly in agreement, Lindt's sea salt kissed dark chocolate bar tops the list of must-eat chocolate treats. Every bite delivers a smooth dark chocolate richness with surprising bursts of savory fleur de sel flavor. Break off a square, sit back, and relish every nibble. Not into salty sweets? Visit www.LindtExcellence.com for more rich and wonderful chocolate-centric ways to pamper your sweet tooth.

Availability: Lindt Chocolate Shops, www.LindtUSA.com, retailers nationwide including Target, World Market and Wal-Mart, as well as specialty stores nationwide.
Retail: $3.50 for 3.5ounce bar

Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt

2. Cor Silver Wrinkle Serum

The stress of managing the family schedule, sleepless nights, work deadlines and still getting food on the table wreaks havoc on the health of your skin. To treat those stress-induced wrinkles, Cor Silver's Wrinkle Serum uses real silver particles as a one-stop process to restoring tired skin to its natural glow. Containing palmitoyl pentapeptide, which stimulates skin renewal, and copper tripeptide, a skin healer, this product soothes and renews.

Availability: www.CorSilver.com
Retail: $120

Cor Silver Wrinkle Serum

3. Chris Drummond Revitalizing Facial Serum

A gentle, yet ultra-effective serum that doubles as a light gel moisturizer, Chris Drummond's Revitalizing Facial Serum helps to firm, lift, tighten, hydrate, exfoliate and fight the signs of aging. Made of 100 percent natural ingredients (requiring no animal testing), this skin treatment contains DMAE (an organic compound that helps reduce wrinkles), carrot extract, meadow foam extract, aloe, sugar cane, and vitamins A, C, and E. It can even be used under your eyes to help reduce puffiness and dark circles from sleepless nights.

Availability: www.ChristopherDrummondBeauty.com
Retail: $55 for 1-ounce bottle

Chris Drummond Revitalizing Facial Serum

4. Sibu Cleanse & Detox Facial Soap

Made from the omega-7-rich sea buckthorn berry, this soap cleanses, moisturizes, and repairs the skin. Free of preservatives, dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast, animal testing and parabens, Sibu Facial Soap is 100 percent natural and produced through a fair trade agreement with local harvesters in Tibet. This is a product that makes your eco-conscience and skin feel good.

Availability: Online at www.SibuBeauty.com as well as many leading retailers including Whole Foods Markets, Akins Natural Food, Chamberlin's Market, Sprouts, New Seasons and, soon, Sunflower Markets and select smaller independent health food stores.
Retail: $5.95 for 3.5-ounce bar

Sibu Cleanse & Detox Facial Soap

5. Sibu Beauty Repair & Protect Facial Cream

Formulated with the fatty acid omega-7, this rich moisturizer helps boost collagen production, repairs the skin, and creates a barrier to protect against UV rays and cell-damaging free radicals. Sibu specializes in products made from the sea buckthorn berry, which has more omega oils than any other food source.

Availability: Online at www.SibuBeauty.com as well as many leading retailers including Whole Foods Markets, Akins Natural Food, Chamberlin's Market, Sprouts, New Seasons and, soon, Sunflower Markets and select smaller independent health food stores.
Retail: $19.95 for 1-ounce bottle

Sibu Beauty Repair & Protect Facial Cream

6. Serious Skin Care Firm-a-Face XR

Created by Jennifer Flavon-Stallone, this 3-minute sub-dermal skin firmer has become one of the hottest sellers on HSN. When applied to the face and neck, Firm-a-Face produces a temporary "cosmetic face lift", leaving you with smoother, younger, refreshed skin for up to 12 hours. With even a single application, this facial treatment shrinks pores, lessens eye puffiness, and diminishes crows feet and lines around the mouth. Much more economical and less drastic than cosmetic surgery, Firm-a-Face is a skincare must-have to give your face a fresh and radiant glow.

Availability: Home Shopping Network (HSN) and www.HSN.com
Retail: $49.95 for 3-ounce tube

Serious Skin Care Firm-a-Face XR

7. The Madison Collection Linen Loofah

Gently exfoliate your whole body with The Madison Collection Linen Loofah. With two end loops and a long band of fine quality linen, this bath or shower loofah is designed especially for hard to reach areas like your back. Since it easily folds up (allow it to dry out first), you can pack it in your suitcase for those holiday or business trips when you know you're going to need a pampering treatment to help you feel your best.

Availability: www.TheMadisonCollection.com
Retail: $47

The Madison Collection Linen Loofah

8. Ahava Mud Exfoliator

Shed your stressed out dead skin cells with this powerful yet gentle exfoliator. Formulated from Ahava's distinctive blend of Dead Sea mud and minerals, this highly effective exfoliator tenderly and carefully peels surface skin cells for a truly thorough cleaning that evens out your complexion, rendering it velvety smooth. Utilizing nylon spheres made with Dead Sea minerals, a weekly exfoliation treatment will smooth and balance your skin without stripping your skin of its vital oils.

Availability: Visit www.AhavaUS.com to find a store near you or to order online.
Retail: $25 for 3.4-ounce tube

Ahava Mud Exfoliator

9. Ahava Bath Salts

Dip into a pool of age-combating, skin-refreshing, stress-reducing bath salts from Ahava. Made with 100 percent pure Dead Sea minerals -- magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium -- and pure essential oils, these bath salts facilitate skin metabolism, enhance the immune system, and calm the nervous system. Choose from Placid Bath Salts, which are made with syringa and green apple essential oils, or Revival Bath Salts, which exude mandarin and cedarwood scents.

Availability: Visit www.AhavaUS.com to find a store near you or to order online.
Retail: $19 for 17.5-ounce jar

Ahava Bath Salts

10. Ahava Hydration Mask

Winner of SELF Magazine's 2009 Healthy Beauty Award, this leave-on mask will give your skin a radiant and rejuvenated boost. Formulated with Ahava's unique mineral skin osmoter and rich in glyco-proteins, this skin treatment softens, smoothes and revitalizes while fortifying skin with essential moisture. You can apply Ahava's Hydration Mask while you relax in a candlelit bath or wear it to bed while you get your beauty rest.

Availability: Visit www.AhavaUS.com to find a store near you or to order online.
Retail: $28 for 3.4-ounce tube

Ahava Hydration Mask

11. Tisserand Aromatherapy Vitamin Rich Body Lotion

With a euphoric citrus-floral scent (no need for perfume), Tisserand Aromatherapy's all-natural Vitamin Rich Body Lotion nourishes your skin with sweet orange and jasmine oils and mango butter. Your entire body will feel fresh, supple and energized for hours. Infused with organic and ethically harvested essential oils and plant extracts, this moisturizer is 100 percent vegan, free from synthetic fragrances and parabens, and contains an antioxidant-rich extract of green tea and rejuvenating vitamins B5, C and E.

Availability: Ulta stores and www.Ulta.com
Retail: $20 for 6.6-ounce bottle

Tisserand Aromatherapy Vitamin Rich Body Lotion

12. Theraneem Organix Hair Therape

If your hair and scalp need some TLC, lather up the TheraNeem Organix Hair Therape line. These shampoos and conditioners (there's even shampoo for kids!) are made with rich fatty oils from the fruit and pulp of the Azadirachta indica tree as well as other organic herbs to support healthy hair and skin. All of Organix South Hair Therape products are created for sensitive or challenged scalps with additional herbs, aromatic essential oils and other ingredients selected to address specific needs including sensitive or itchy scalps, limp, fine hair, and dry or damaged hair. These shampoos and conditioners are vegan-friendly, pH balanced, free of parabens, sulphates and gluten, and are safe for color-treated hair.

Availability: Find a store near you or order online at www.OrganixSouth.com.
Retail: $13 to $15 for each 12-ounce bottle

Theraneem Organix Hair Therape

13. Christopher Drummond Makeup

An innovative makeup line created by former model and professional makeup artist Christopher Drummond. The fall/winter color collection includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes and lip glosses straight off the runways. All products are made ultra healthy ingredients and contain natural antioxidants, such as acai green tea, calming botanicals, balancing essential oils, and anti-inflammatory soy isoflavones. The line does not contain titanium dioxide or bismuth oxychloride, two known skin irritants found in traditional makeup. Choose from eyeshadows and eyeliners in rich gem and smoky colors, and warm hued blushes and lip glosses.

Availability: www.ChristopherDrummond.com
Retail: $17.50-$28 depending on the product

Christopher Drummond Makeup

14. Cris Notti Sleep Mask

Sleep or simply relax in comfort with one of the many fashion-friendly soothing sleep masks made by Cris Notti. Filled with 100 percent pure cotton and backed with silk, a Cris Notti Sleep Mask will comfortably block out light and allow you to drift off without a care in the world whether you are at home or traveling. You can even keep one at the office for those days you need a 15-minute break behind a locked door.

Availability: www.CrisNotti.com
Retail: $20 each

Cris Notti Sleep Mask

15. The Madison Collection French Cotton Kimono Robe

Wrap yourself in luxury with The Madison Collection French Cotton Kimono Robe, a light, comfortably cut and elegant piece of loungewear that will make taking time for you all that much more inviting. Pull it on at night as you wind down or relax in it while you pamper yourself with skin care treatments or lose yourself in a good book.

Availability: www.TheMadisonCollection.com
Retail: $48

The Madison Collection French Cotton Kimono Robe

16. Spa Moments Tranquil Oasis Votives

Exotically-scented candles -- Mindfulness, Zeal, and Enchantment -- from the Tranquil Oasis Collection can take your mind to a faraway land even as you repose in the comfort of your own home. These heavenly therapeutic candles add ambiance to any room with scents that fill the air and instantly change the mood. Set them around a bubble bath and dim the lights or place them strategically wherever you are enjoying the relaxation of peace and quiet.

Availability: www.MySpaShop.com
Retail: $14 for a sampler of three candles

Spa Moments Tranquil Oasis Votives

17. Aloe Cadabra Intimate Moisturizer

Who says you have to spend your pampering time alone? Aloe Cadabra is the first and only pure, plant-based, intimate moisturizer made with more than 97 percent organic aloe vera. Pleasuring for you and your partner, Aloe Cadabra comes in original, French lavendar or Tahitian vanilla scents, perfect for those adults-only evenings when the kids are with the in-laws.

Availability: www.AloeCadabra.com
Retail: $7.95 for 2.5-ounce bottle

Aloe Cadabra Intimate Moisturizer

18. Sigg LuluLemon Bottle

Hydration is the key to healthy skin, high-functioning metabolism, digestion and sustained energy. Make it a part of your day of pampering as well as a daily habit. While you are taking care of your body, you can take care of the environment by using SIGG's eco-friendly, reusable beverage bottle. The durable bottles have a baked on, non-porous interior lining that is taste neutral so you can have lemonade one day and water the next and there won't be any lingering taste or odor. A celebrity favorite, Sigg comes in over 150 styles to please everyone from fashionistas to athletes. Keep your Sigg with you wherever you go and make hydration a health-boosting priority.

Availability: Lululemon stores across the US and Canada, as well as online at www.LuluLemon.com.
Retail: $25 for 32-ounce bottle

Sigg LuluLemon Bottle

19. Chill Out and Get Healthy

While you are lounging in your robe or in the bath, what better book to read than Aimee Raupp's Chill Out and Get Healthy? Raupp, a New York City acupuncturist and herbalist teaches you the principles of traditional Oriental medicine and how this ancient yet very applicable practice can help you look and feel your best, avoid disease and live a more comfortable, harmonious life. Like an old friend, rather than an old monk, Raupp's tone is infectious, irreverent and motivating. You'll be inspired to make your health -- and chilling out -- a priority.

Availability: Major book retailers and online book sellers
Retail: $15

Chill Out and Get Healthy

20. Fit Soul, Fit Body - 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You

This book by Legendary Ironman Champion Mark Allen and World-renowned Shaman and Healer Brant Secunda gives you practical instruction on how to reach your highest level of health and contentment through small, focused changes alongside interesting stories. Fit Soul, Fit Body is endorsed by best selling book authors and even utilized at the Mayo Clinic. This is a book that will help you live a more fulfilling life emotionally, spiritually and physically. Though it isn't a day at the spa, it certainly provides the foundation for you to truly be taking care of yourself.

Availability: Major book retailers and online book sellers
Retail: $24.95

Fit Soul, Fit Body - 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You

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