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6 freaky sex positions you haven’t tried yet

4. The Lap Dance

Sex positions you haven't tried: The Lap Dance
Image: SheKnows Design

Treat your man to a very special lap dance with this easy-to-do position.

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How to do it: The man sits on the edge of a bed or couch with his hands behind him for support, with the woman sitting on top of him with her body facing away from his. The man then enters from below.

5. The Cowpoke

Sex positions you haven't tried: The Cowpoke
Image: SheKnows Design

Blame it on those Stetson ads, but there’s something about a cowboy that’s undeniably sexy (especially if he’s Tom Brady.) Cowboy hats and spurs are optional for this position, but don’t let that stop you from yelling out “Giddy up!”

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How to do it: The man lies on his back, pulling his legs towards his chest. The woman then squats on top of him, facing away from his face and resting on the back of his legs.

6. The Circus Freak

Sex positions you haven't tried: The Circus Freak
Image: SheKnows Design

The position is aptly named because mastering it requires a freakish amount of flexibility.

How to do it: Both partners stand facing each other. The woman raises one leg straight above the man’s shoulder, and he enters her while holding the leg for support.

Originally published Sep. 2009. Updated July 2016.

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