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6 freaky sex positions you haven’t tried yet

While there’s nothing wrong with classic missionary, there’s something to be said for mixing things up. Beyond the basics, like doggie-style and missionary, these creative and kinda dirty positions can help you lose your inhibitions and remind you why it feels good to be a little freaky.

Surprise your partner with one of these sexy sex moves, and you’ll see what we’re talking about:

1. Inverted Missionary

Sex positions you haven't tried: Inverted Missionary
Image: SheKnows Design

Missionary is the most common and easiest of all of the sex positions; the guy simply climbs on top and voila! If you’re looking to spice up a classic, however, try the inverted missionary position.

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How to do it: With the man lying flat on his back, the woman sits on top of him, facing his feet. After he inserts the penis, the woman slowly leans forward, resting her weight on her hands and pushing her legs backward toward the man’s head.

2. Froggie Style

Sex positions you haven't tried: Froggie Style
Image: SheKnows Design

As you might have guessed, froggie style is similar to doggie style; however, instead of crouching on all fours, you squat like a frog, ready to jump.

How to do it: The woman squats like a frog on the floor, with her head tilted forward and most of her weight resting on her legs. The man then kneels in back of her and enters from behind.

3. The Yogi

Sex positions you haven't tried: The Yogi
Image: SheKnows Design

The yogi position is best described as an upside-down doggie-style position, and is perfect for any woman who has ever felt claustrophobic having her head smushed into a pile of pillows.

How to do it: The woman lies down on the floor or another firm surface, slowly arches her back and pushes off the floor with her hands, mimicking the wheelbarrow yoga position. The man then enters from a kneeling position between her legs.

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