Eco-friendly sex toys

No surprise here, most earth toys are not environmentally friendly. For many reasons — ranging from sustaining the earth’s natural resources to all-natural products that are better for you and mother earth. Now your sex toys can help you and your lover in the bedroom, but it won’t cost the planet a thing.

Climax Sign

They make sex toys that look like Hello Kitty and lipsticks. Why not green, eco-friendly sex toys? If you’re looking to turn your lifestyle from top to bottom into an earth-friendly experience, consider these sex toys before playtime…

Gentle Glass

“Avoid sex toys made of plastic or rubber that give off any kind of odor–by definition they are out-gassing chemicals,” says Bruce Murison, CEO of Standard Innovation Corporation, a company that manufactures the We-Vibe. Who says dildos and vibrators can’t be made out of glass? The Charmer ($35 at is not only gorgeous to look at–it’s practically a piece of art–it has curves and bumps, so you will feel them at certain erogenous zones. It’s a great, affordable starter toy for those experimenting with eco-friendly sex products.

Charge It

“Look for rechargeable sex toys to avoid sending disposable batteries to landfills,” says Murison. Consider a product like the We-Vibe (visit for stores), a clitoral and G-spot vibrator that can be worn while making love. The We-Vibe, which also won an erotic award, is rechargeable and is made out of medical grade silicon.

Wind It Up

Yes, you can wind up sex toys now, too. Not sure what I mean? You know those toys that you used to play with when you were a kid that required no batteries. You just turned the little dial and boom, it goes. Now think of that but in a battery-free vibrator. This 100 percent eco-friendly Earth Angel (visit for more information) is not only made from recycled parts and plastic, the cranked handle that unfolds from the bottom of the vibrator is self-charging. You can use this battery-free for 30 minutes at a time after winding.

Natural Lube

Some claim that the chemicals found in other lubricants might not be the best thing for your bedroom fun. With no glycerin, petroleum, parabens, preservatives and other chemicals, the Firefly Organics Intimate Botanical Moisturizing Cream ($18.95 at won’t get sticky or dry, and uses 100 percent natural ingredients, so you know you’re in good hands.

Worldly Whip

You can be naughty to each other, but not to Mother Earth with the standard recycled rubber whip ($50 at Made out of recycled materials, this sex toy is cleaned, cut, glued, punched and riveted together for your personal enjoyment. It’s flexible and feels great on skin–perfect for an earth-friendly spanking.

No matter what you decide to buy, going green also means choosing a manufacturer that’s “carbon-neutral,” says Murison. “Any product’s Web site should have its environmental specifications outlined.”


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