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Patience and understanding: How to best apply it to your everyday life

There’s something to be said about those with infinite amounts of patience and understanding — and we stand to learn plenty of lessons from them. These traits allow us to float through life in a more peaceful and conflict-free manner. Here are a few situations and occasions in which these virtues are most important.

Patient Woman

When someone is mean or forgetful

Everyone’s encountered the forgetful waitress or mean customer service guy. While we would all like to be at our best 24/7, sometimes things happen that affect our moods. Someone who is rude or forgetful may just be having a bad day. Yelling at her or treating her inappropriately is not going to get you faster or better service.

With your children

No matter what, your children are going to make mistakes, defy you and irritate you to the core. But try to remember: They have stresses in their lives, too. Try to be understanding and patient with them, especially if they’re going through a hard time or a troublesome teen phase. If you’re an approachable parent instead of a nagging one, they’ll feel more confident about coming to you with problems and not be scared you’re going to scold or lecture them away.

When you want something

No one wants to deal with someone who is rude, impolite and inappropriately aggressive. If you want something, be as patient, polite and courteous as possible, especially when you’re dealing with strangers. You’re more likely to see results this way than if you’re screaming at the top of your lungs what you feel you deserve.

With your significant other

As a relationship progresses, people often start to take each other for granted. But to keep that close connection, you should treat each other in the same soft, approachable manner you had when you first started dating. Even if you’ve been hurt or a behavior is upsetting you, try to talk your problems out in a way that’s not attacking your partner. You’re more likely to be heard and understood; after all, communication is all about the delivery.

When you’re driving

Road rage? Here’s a tip to remember: The only person you’re really upsetting is yourself. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if someone else’s bad driving manners are really worth ruining your entire day.

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