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5 Reasons aging is beautiful

Everyone’s afraid of aging — but really, why fight it? It’s a battle you’ll never win, and getting older brings some amazing things. We’ve picked out five great reasons aging is actually quite beautiful.

Beautiful Woman in Forties


A lot of our youth is spent looking for love. And once you’ve found, it it’s all about watching it grow. Starting a family and watching your children grow up is one of the most beautiful parts of life. From births to graduations and watching the cycle repeat with grandchildren, the family circle experience is worth getting older.

finding yourself

Confidence is can be seen and felt a mile away, and no confidence radiates more strongly than that of a self-assured woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. We gain that confidence through life experience and getting older, and that self-assurance will make you that much more attractive — and not just in a physical way.

focusing on what matters

Nothing muddies up physical beauty more quickly than a negative personality. Sometimes, a bad attitude is just a part of growing up as we get hung up on the little things. But as we age, we grow to realize what truly matters and to let the small stuff slide. The result? A more easygoing, friendly woman who knows what’s truly important in life — much more attractive than model-worthy looks.


With plenty of memories and life experiences under the belt, who wouldn’t look forward to getting a little bit older? Experience (good and bad) brings learning, and the “older and wiser” saying rings true.


As we age, we become more comfortable in our own skin; the constant obsession with physical appearance lessens. And a woman who is happy with herself is more attractive than one who is internally battling to hang onto her self-esteem.

It’s true: While our culture hasn’t made aging easy or seemingly desirable, you’ll see when you get there that it offers so many better things you’ll appreciate instead.

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