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What men hate about your style

There are many things that we ladies include in our beauty ritual to look fab and sexy. Whether we’re doing it for a man or not, some of these beauty efforts probably need to be cut from our style repertoire.

Boho ChicWant to know what trends men think you should pass up? We asked the man council to reveal the things about your style that they hate.

Boho Chic

From bohemian-style maxi dresses to hippy headbands, you love this style, brought to the limelight by fashionista Nicole Richie. It’s so casual, comfy and reminiscent of the groovy ’60s. The only problem–he hates it! “The girls who wear those dresses and braid their hair look like bohos to me, not boho chic,” says Dean, a self-proclaimed stylish male. “I love style, and girls who do this don’t look chic at all.” Dean suggests throwing on something by Diane Von Furstenberg or Christian Dior and calling it a day. “Now that’s chic to me,” he adds.


Trapeze Dresses

“Some girls walk out of their houses looking like they’re wearing garbage bags,” says Jose, a single man. “I went on a date with this girl a couple of weeks ago and she was wearing one of these ‘dresses’–she looked pregnant and I didn’t want people to think I was the baby-daddy.” Fitted clothes flatter girls better, says the man council. Although tunics, babydolls and trapeze dresses are in, they’re right–you’re not showing off your beautiful figure in the most favorable way. This fall, consider cinching waistlines and wearing things that actually fit you.

Ballet Flats

No surprise here–men like girls in heels. “They show off the legs and make them look more toned,” says Brandon, who happens to be very into ladies’ shoes. “High heels are so sexy, especially stilettos.” Why are we not surprised, ladies? In our defense, ballet flats are way comfortable–they’re perfect for a day of shopping, walking around the park, getting to and from work… I suppose when it comes to your dates, you can opt for the less-than-comfy footwear. But if you’re going to be in sticks, he better be prepared to pick you up and drop you off at doorsteps.

Smoky Eyes

It’s too much, the man council says. “Some girls think it’s sexy to cake it on, but most of us hate all that makeup,” says Jose. “I’m so much more attracted to girls who look amazing without any makeup on–the natural look is great.” Well, Jose, I will respond for the rest of the ladies in saying that we’re putting on the makeup for us, not for you. It does make us feel better. Lucky for you, we happen to look very good without it, too. Ladies, compromise and do up the smoky eyes at night, but leave it off during the day.

Spray tans

“I think I look so skinny and toned after I do the spray tan,” says Annie, a repeat sunless tanner offender. “I love that sexy glow.” Men, on the other hand, think it looks so unnatural that it’s a turnoff. “I don’t like the fake-bake look,” says Dean. “If you’re out sunning yourself, that’s one thing, but to look orange is another.” Girls, granted the sun does boast some harmful UV rays that you have to keep away from, but the spray tan might be getting out of hand. Let’s limit our use so we can stay sexy and somewhat natural. I agree, it does look good, but it’s no longer a “sexy glow” when you’re shades darker than you should be.

Are there other fashion trends you wish would go away? Leave a comment below.

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