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Compliments men love

Complimenting a woman is easy; it’s not hard to make a friend happy when all you have to do is simply eye her outfit, bag or hair and gush that you love it.

Woman complimenting man

However, when it comes to complimenting men, what really makes them melt? If you want a man to be putty in your hands, read on for five things he’d love to hear.

5 Compliments for your man

1. “You Make Me Smile (or Laugh.)”

A man loves to think that he is the most fascinating and entertaining chap that you have ever met and there’s nothing that will give him that impression more than seeing you smile or laugh. And although it has to be genuine for it to count, acknowledging that he’s cheered you up or given you something to smile about will surely give him something to smile about too.

2. “I Love Your [Dog, Car, Stereo Equipment, or Anything Else He Treasures Here]

Men are not as used to or as comfortable as women are when it comes to accepting compliments, so sometimes it’s easier to compliment something they own, rather than them directly. Don’t just pick anything, however, make sure it’s an object they take a lot of pride in, like their car or pet Husky. A man isn’t going to go wild if you tell him that you love his electronic kitchen utensils.

3. “Wow, You Have Some Mad Skills.”

Blame it on the testosterone, but men are born craving a challenge, so complimenting them on an accomplishment (especially when it’s one that required the defeat of others, such as a job promotion, athletic competition, or just a video game win) is always a good way to go.

4. “Your [Thing He is Really Insecure About Here] is Amazing.”

Don’t let their tough facades fool you, men can be just as insecure as their female counterparts and need frequent reassurance too. Although he may put on a brave face or shrug your compliment off, letting him know that you believe in him when he’s doubting himself will cause his self-confidence to soar. And as they saying goes, behind every great man is a woman who has done a great job of puffing him up!

5. “I’ve Never Felt This Way Before.”

Are you having the time of your life with your guy… in bed? If so, don’t hesitate to let him know, as sex-related compliments are at the top of every man’s list. They need not be verbalized either, so don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed groan or shiver to let your man know exactly how he makes you feel.

Best way to fmake your man feel special
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What is the best way to compliment a man? Share your secrets below in the comment box.


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