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Maximize your workout

Our lives can get pretty hectic. Between family responsibilities and work, it can seem almost impossible to fit exercise into our schedule. The only solution? To maximize our workouts and get every ounce of benefit from them in the time we do have available. Here are five exercise tips to show you how to get the most from your workouts.

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Exercise tip #1. Know what you want to do

Why it’s important: If you’ve scheduled a workout, it’s important to plan how your workout will go. Do you feel like cardio or do you feel like focusing on
strength training? Going into the gym or your workout with a game plan will ensure you don’t waste time thinking about what you want to do.

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Exercise tip #2: Pump up the intensity

Why it’s important: By increasing the intensity of your workout or adding intervals, also known to boost your calorie-fighting power, you’ll increase your muscle tone
and burn fat faster than you would if you just trekked on the treadmill at the same pace for the duration of your workout.

How to do it: An efficient way to increase the intensity of your workout is to do an activity that combines cardio and resistance training. For example, do 10 minutes of
cardio to warm up, one to two strength-training exercises, 10 minutes of cardio, one to two strength-training exercises, so on and so forth, alternating cardio and resistance training during your
workout session. This type of training will keep your heart rate up for a cardio boost while pumping up your muscles to get you toned and improve your strength, not to mention metabolism.

Exercise tip #3: Eat wisely

Why it’s important: One of the only ways to ensure your workout is intense (and that you won’t stop because of fatigue in the middle of it) is to fuel up at least an
hour before you start to sweat. Not only will a pre-workout snack give you energy to get through the workout, your tissues will also recover faster post-workout (meaning you’ll feel even less
fatigued once you’re done and you’ll better ensure your muscles can repair and regenerate efficiently).

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Exericse tip #4: Warm-up all day

Why it’s important: Stretching and warming up your muscles is an absolute must. The problem? After sitting in an office chair all day, tense muscles may take longer to limber
up. The solution? Stretch and keep your muscles moving throughout the day so your pre-workout warm-up and stretch is a little easier. You won’t feel as stiff and getting into your
workout won’t feel as difficult. Taking mini-breaks to stretch throughout the day is also a great way to relieve stress physically and mentally.

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Exercise tip #5: Mix it up

Why it’s important: Our muscles get used to the stress and movements of a certain workout after only two weeks, so doing the same thing consistently will eventually thwart
your efforts at getting an effective workout. The best idea? Switch up your routine every two to three weeks. If you’re into running, hop on the elliptical machine. If you’ve been doing
the same strength-training exercises, change the order in which you do them or switch them up with new exercises targeting the same muscle groups.

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